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The Underground terrain gives the following bonuses:

Soul of the Land: the shaitan adds the favored terrain bonus to her Knowledge (dungeoneering) checks.

Protection of the Land: the shaitan gains darkvision up to a range of 120 feet.

Power of the Land: when the shaitan casts a spell with the light or dark descriptor, she adds half the favored terrain bonus to her caster level.

Ward of the Land: the shaitan adds half her terrain bonus as a dodge bonus to her armor class.

Channeled Leyline: the shaitan can transform her elemental servant in a crystallis, although she gets a –14 penalty to her effective druid level.

Ley Assault: the following abilities become available with Ley Assault when Underground terrain is selected:

Totally Lost

The shaitan summons the dreaded darkness of the depths to unmake one enemy. The shaitan must succeed at a ranged touch attack against a creature within 30 feet. If the attack is successful, the target must make a Fortitude and a Will saving throw. If the Fortitude saving throw is successful, the target suffers 5d6 points of damage, else it suffers 2d6 points of damage per shaitan HD. If the Will saving throw is successful, the target suffers 1 point of Intelligence and Charisma drain; otherwise, it suffers the effects of feeblemind. If neither saving throw is a success, the target vanishes as if it had never existed. Using totally lost consumes 3 Ley points, and requires the shaitan to be in an underground terrain.

Guiding Light

The shaitan calls upon the essence of light and dark to seek and harm her enemies. Guiding light affects all creatures in a 15-foot radius spread centered in a point of space within 60 feet of the shaitan. All living creatures in the area suffer 1d6 points of negative energy damage for every 2 shaitan HD and are outlined, as if by faerie fire (except the outline is made of inky darkness) until the end of the shaitan’s next turn. All undead creatures in the area suffer 1d6 points of positive energy damage for every 2 shaitan HD and are outlined as if by faerie fire until the end of the shaitan’s next turn. All creatures in the area can attempt a Will saving throw to halve the damage. If guiding light is used in an underground terrain, the outline lasts for 1 round per shaitan HD, and imposes the outlined creature a –2 penalty to attack rolls and armor class. Using guiding light consumes 2 Ley points.


The shaitan calls forth a pit to send her enemies to the underground. A target within 30 feet must make a Reflex saving throw or fall inside a pit that opens at its feet. A successful save negates the effect; otherwise, the target takes 1d6 points of falling damage for every 2 shaitan HD. The pit remains open for 1 round, plus a number of rounds equal to the favored terrain bonus of the current terrain, and then closes without harming the creature inside. Airborne creatures are immune to sinkhole, and all effects that can reduce falling damage apply against sinkhole. Using sinkhole consumes 1 Ley point.

Leyline Blessing: the following abilities become available with Leyline Blessing when Underground terrain is selected for Ley Assault:

Dark Shroud

The shaitan channels the essence of the void into a touched creature, making it one with nothingness for 10 minutes per shaitan HD. The creature is the center of an effect similar to aura of the unremarkable, making it go unnoticed by any creature within 30 feet, unless they succeed in a Will saving throw. The aura moves with the target and each creature entering the area can make a saving throw to resist its effects and, if failed, suffer its effects whenever it is within the aura, even if it leaves and re-enters it, without gaining new saving throws. Furthermore, the target can choose to lower the duration to 1 minute per shaitan HD as a standard action, adding the effects of impenetrable veil to this effect, or to lower it to 1 round per shaitan HD to add the effects of greater invisibility. Dark shroud costs 3 Ley points and can be used only if the shaitan is in an underground terrain.

Stone Cocoon

The shaitan encases a touched creature into a surface of unworked stone, allowing the target to recover faster from damage and conditions. The touched creature is absorbed into the stone as per meld into stone, except that the effect lasts for a maximum of 1 minute per shaitan HD. While encased in the stone, the target recovers 1 hit point per round and ability damage at the rate of 1 point per minute. Also, all other effects that have a duration are suppressed while encased in stone, but their duration continues to expire. If stone cocoon is used in an underground terrain, the target also gets an additional saving throw to end any negative condition that still persists, if that condition allowed a saving throw to negate it in the first place. Using stone cocoon costs 2 Ley points.
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