The Mountain terrain gives the following bonuses:

Soul of the Land: the shaitan adds the favored terrain bonus to her Fly checks.

Protection of the Land: the shaitan is constantly under the effect of feather fall.

Power of the Land: when the shaitan casts a spell with the earth descriptor, she adds half the favored terrain bonus to her caster level.

Ward of the Land: the shaitan gains damage reduction equal to half the favored terrain bonus, which is bypassed by adamantine weapons.

Channeled Leyline: the shaitan can transform her elemental servant in either a magma elemental or an obsidian quasi-elemental (of the same type available for her earth elemental servitor).

Ley Assault: the following abilities become available with Ley Assault when Mountain terrain is selected:

Summit Crush

The shaitan calls a rain of raging rubble to fall on her foes. Summit crush deals 1d10 bludgeoning damage per shaitan HD to all creatures in a 10-foot radius spread centered on a creature within 60 feet. Each creature in the area must make a Reflex save or be knocked prone and become buried under the rubble, as per the earthquake spell. A successful reflex save negates these extra effects and halves the damage. Using summit crush consumes 3 Ley points, and requires the shaitan to be in mountain terrain.

Seal in Stone

The shaitan channels the essence of stone into a touched creature, stiffening its body. Seal in stone works as the calcific touch spell. If seal in stone is used on a mountain terrain, you instead need to touch the target only once; after that, the target automatically suffers the effects of seal in stone each round, although it still receives a saving throw to negate the slow effect. Using seal in stone consumes 2 Ley points.

Pinpoint Fracture

The shaitan bids the earth to shake under her opponent’s feet. When using pinpoint fracture, the shaitan designates a foe within 30 feet as an immediate action. That opponent must make a Reflex saving throw or be knocked prone. On a successful save, the opponent takes a –2 penalty to attack rolls and armor class until the start of its next turn. If the opponent was knocked prone during its turn, they cannot take any other action during their turn. If pinpoint fracture was used on the shaitan’s turn, the penalty inflicted to attack rolls and armor class becomes equal to the favored terrain bonus for mountain terrain. Using pinpoint fracture consumes 1 Ley point.

Leyline Blessing: the following abilities become available with Leyline Blessing when Mountain terrain is selected for Ley Assault:

Stone Core

The shaitan channels the unyielding resilience of mountains in a touched creature. The target gains the benefits of stoneskin and elemental body IV, only to transform into an earth elemental. Stone core lasts for 1 round per shaitan HD, costs 3 Ley points, and can be used only if the shaitan is in mountain terrain.

Healing Stone

The shaitan imbues healing power into a stone or other piece of natural rock, bestowing it curative properties. This effect works like a pillar of life spell. If healing stone is used on a mountain terrain, each creature touching it is healed by an extra amount of hit points equal to the favored terrain bonus for mountains. Using healing stone costs 2 Ley points.
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