The Jungle terrain gives the following bonuses:

Soul of the Land: the shaitan adds the favored terrain bonus to her Climb checks.

Protection of the Land: the shaitan is constantly under the effect of delay poison and delay disease.

Power of the Land: when the shaitan casts a spell with the acid descriptor, she adds half the favored terrain bonus to her caster level.

Ward of the Land: the shaitan is immune the effects of all diseases and poisons.

Channeled Leyline: the shaitan can transform her elemental servant in a mudman or a caterprism, taking a –3 penalty to her effective druid level if she does the latter. A mudman elemental servant becomes large at 7th HD and has no link to a particular mud pool, it can exist without problems as long as it is within 10 miles of the shaitan.

Ley Assault: the following abilities become available with Ley Assault when Jungle terrain is selected:

Nature’s Consumption

the shaitan summons the force of decay on a foe within 30 feet. The target immediately suffers 1d8 points of acid damage per shaitan HD, and the shaitan makes a dispel check on the foe, as if using a targeted greater dispel magic. If one or more spells are dispelled this way, the target suffers further 1d4 points of acid damage for each spell level dispelled. Should the target die from the damage caused by nature’s consumption, it explodes in a burst of acid which deals 1d10 points of acid damage per Hit Die it possessed to all creatures in a 10-feet radius burst around it. Creatures in this area can attempt a Reflex save to halve the damage. Using nature’s consumption consumes 3 Ley points, and requires the shaitan to be in a jungle terrain.

Acid Fog

The shaitan calls acidic mists in a cylinder 20 feet wide and 30 feet tall. Each creature that starts its round in the mist or moves through it suffers 1d4 points damage for every 2 shaitan HD. A successful Reflex saving throw halves the damage. This acid fog persists for 1 round per shaitan HD and the shaitan can use a move action on her turn to direct it to move up to 20 feet in any direction. If acid fog is used in a jungle terrain, creatures that fail their saving throw automatically take damage at the start of their next turn, as the acid clings to their body, in addition to damage they might take from starting their turn inside the acid fog. This effect hampers vision and can be dispersed like an obscuring mist. Using acid fog consumes 2 Ley points.


The shaitan summons poisonous vines to constrict a target within 30 feet. The vines attempt to grapple the target with a CMB of 6 + the shaitan’s HD + the favored terrain bonus for jungle modifier as grapple check. On a successful check, the foe is grappled, takes 1d6 + 5 points of damage, and must make a Fortitude save to avoid suffering from poison (frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d2 Str; cure 1 save). Using vinesnare consumes 1 Ley point.

Leyline Blessing: the following abilities become available with Leyline Blessing when Jungle terrain is selected for Ley Assault:


the shaitan channels the primal life force of the jungle through the target. Rebirth has the same effects as regenerate on a touched living creature, and of breath of life or reincarnate on a dead creature. If a caster level check is required to heal the target or remove some conditions or to bring it back to life, the shaitan adds her favored terrain bonus for forests to that check. Renewal costs 3 Ley points and can be used only if the shaitan is in jungle terrain.

Distill Toxin

the shaitan extracts toxins and harmful effects from the target. Distill toxin works as remove disease and neutralize poison on a single touched creature. The shaitan can then bottle up the extracted toxins in a flask, or deliver them directly on another creature she is touching. The new target can perform saving throws against the toxins, as if saving against the original effect. If bottled, the toxins remain potent for one day per shaitan HD, after which they become inert. If used in jungle terrain, distill toxin also heals 4d8 + shaitan HD hit points to the target, and can deal 4d8 + shaitan HD damage to the target of the toxins, or to whoever drinks the distillation. Using distill toxin costs 2 Ley points.
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