The Forest terrain gives the following bonuses:

Soul of the Land: the shaitan adds the favored terrain bonus to her Heal checks, adding a further +4 bonus if it is a check made to provide long-term care.

Protection of the Land: the shaitan gains woodland stride.

Power of the Land: when the shaitan casts a spell of the summoning subschool, she adds half the favored terrain bonus to her caster level.

Ward of the Land: the shaitan is constantly under the effect of barkskin, using her shaitan HD as caster level.

Channeled Leyline: the shaitan can transform her elemental servant in an acid quasi-elemental. (of the same type available for her earth elemental servitor).

Ley Assault: the following abilities become available with Ley Assault when Forest terrain is selected:

Arboreal Wrath

The shaitan awakens the rage of surrounding trees against one of her enemies within 30 feet. Arboreal wrath deals 1d6 points of bludgeoning damage for every 2 shaitan HD to the target, and the same number of d6 of piercing and of slashing damage. All these attacks surpass damage reduction as if adamantine, magical weapons. After dealing damage, the awakened trees try to grapple the foe, counting as a gargantuan creature (+4 special size modifier) with base attack bonus equal to the shaitan’s HD and Strength equal to her Wisdom + 6. The trees try to grapple the foe every round for 2d4 rounds, proceeding to pin it after successfully grappling it. With each successful grapple check, they constrict for 2d6 + the favored terrain bonus damage. Using arboreal wrath consumes 3 Ley points, and requires the shaitan to be in forest terrain.

Forest Guardians

The shaitan calls forth creatures from the forest to fight for her cause. Forest guardians calls one or more creatures as a summon nature’s ally spell of level up to 1 plus the shaitan’s HD divided by 3 (to a maximum of summon nature’s ally VII at 18th Hit Die). If the shaitan is in a forest terrain, she can choose to either double the duration of the effect, or to summon one extra creature. Using forest guardians consumes 2 Ley points.

Verdant Infection

The shaitan calls parasitic plants to colonize a single target within 20 feet. The target must make a Fortitude save or be infected by the plants for 1 round per shaitan HD. For the duration of the effect, at the start of the shaitan’s round, the target suffers 1d4 points of damage to both Constitution and Dexterity. If the target suffers any amount of fire damage, the effect is suppressed for one round. The target can use a full-round action to rip off the plants, gaining a new saving throw to end the effect. On a successful save, the target negates the effect entirely. Using verdant infection consumes 1 Ley point.

Leyline Blessing: the following abilities become available with Leyline Blessing when Forest terrain is selected for Ley Assault:


the shaitan channels the primal life force of the forest through the target. Renewal has the same effects as either heal or regenerate on a touched creature. If a caster level check is required to heal the target or remove some conditions, the shaitan adds her favored terrain bonus for forests to that check. Renewal costs 3 Ley points and can be used only if the shaitan is in forest terrain.


The shaitan summons a symbiotic plant that keeps its host healed and vigorous. The touched creature gains fast healing 5 and gains lesser fortification for a number of minutes equal to the shaitan’s HD. Still, the growth of the plant has a temporary downside on the host, which suffers a –4 penalty to Dexterity, Intelligence, and Charisma for the duration of the effect. Using symbiosis costs 2 Ley points.
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Of Stranger Bonds, © 2019, Alessandro Passera

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