Elemental Order

The Elemental Order is a faction based on the ties with the natural world that its members share: beings born from pure essences of air, earth, fire, and water, the Elemental recognize this common root as a bond of blood at the basis of their alliance. Though the four members of geniekind were divided and at war before being stranded on the Material Plane, being surrounded by an unknown environment and a lot of new possible threats made them put aside their differences and form a strong, unified sultanate in which four leaders, one for each of the elemental genies, administrate the rich, if arid, lands at their disposal.

The full chapter includes the trickster Tengu, erratic Djinn, protective Carbuncle, volatile Efreet, contemplative Shaitan, unpredictable Marid, and versatile Golem.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Of Stranger Bonds, © 2019, Alessandro Passera

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