Corrupt Order

The Corrupt Order is a very loose sort of faction. While all the nether beings stand united against the assaults of the Blessed, they are very diverse and organized in seven kingdoms, each one ruled by a sovereign from one of the seven kinds of Corrupt: Mammon, Lord of Greed, leader of the babau; Beelzebub, Lord of Envy, leader of the erinyes; Belphegor, Lord of Gluttony, leader of the oni; Amon, Lord of Wrath, leader of the asura; Astaroth, Lord of Lust, leader of the incubi and succubi; Abaddon, Lord of Sloth, leader of the imp; and Asmodeus, Lord of Pride, leader of the akuma.

The full chapter includes the daredevil Babau, manipulative Erinyes, unbreakable Oni, furious Asura, lustful Incubus/Succubus, fireslinger Imp, and mighty Akuma.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Of Stranger Bonds, © 2019, Alessandro Passera

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