Deadfall Tracker (Charau-ka Slayer 4)

A noxious fluid drips from the vicious arrows of this feral ape-like humanoid.

Deadfall Tracker CR 5

XP 1,600
Charau-ka slayer 4
CE Small humanoid
Init +4; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, scent; Perception +10


AC 22, touch 16, flat-footed 17 (+2 armor, +4 Dex, +1 dodge, +2 natural, +2 shield, +1 size)
hp 53 (7 HD; 3d8+4d10+18)
Fort +8, Ref +12, Will +5


Speed 30 ft., climb 30 ft.
Melee mwk scimitar +12/+7 (1d4+4/18–20), bite +6 (1d3+6)
Ranged mwk composite shortbow +10/+5 (1d4+4/×3) or rock +10 (1d4+4, 19–20)
Special Attacks bleed, sneak attack +1d6, studied target +1 (1 target)


Str 19, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 9
Base Atk +6; CMB +9; CMD 24
Feats Dodge, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Throw AnythingB
Skills Acrobatics +13, Climb +17, Craft (traps) +8, Knowledge (geography) +5, Knowledge (local) +5, Perception +10, Stealth +17, Survival +11; Racial Modifiers +4 Stealth
Languages Abyssal, Polyglot
SQ shrieking frenzy, slayer talents (bleeding attack +1, slowing strike), thrown-weapon Mastery, track +2
Combat Gear potion of cure light wounds (2), potion of hide from animals, caltrops (4), giant wasp poison (4 doses), tanglefoot bags (2); Other Gear mwk leather armor, +1 light wooden shield, mwk composite shortbow (Str +4) with 40 arrows, mwk scimitar, cloak of resistance +1, bear trap, hemp rope (100 ft.), surgeon’s tools


Equally comfortable operating alone, in small teams of their kind, or leading chattering hordes of less-skilled charau-ka, deadfall trackers are often tasked with capturing or recovering slaves. Their brutal training regimens make these ape-folk skilled in the arts of planning, patience, and silence—difficult talents for any charau-ka to master— and many become leaders of armies. Using concealment and sticking to branches high above the jungle floor, they stalk their prey and wait for targets to wander off alone or stumble into one of their traps or the wilderness’ hazards, striking swiftly and mercilessly once their quarry can’t fight back.

Groups of deadfall trackers are ruthlessly efficient, staggering themselves to allow fire from multiple vantage points. They enforce a strict code of silence while marching. They sometimes release one or two slaves to startle unexpected travelers, using the distraction to capture a few more thralls. Slaves who show a knack for distracting prey may even become favored pets, fed well and beaten less than most. Any prisoners who flee during the trek without consent are chased down and recaptured, if the trackers feel merciful; otherwise, the fugitive becomes a welcome meal on the long, lonely trail.

These charau-ka sometimes fall upon travelers simply to loot them, gathering supplies they need to build ingenious contraptions. Anyone who picks up the trail of a deadfall tracker is sure to come upon a devious trap before long. The secrets of trap construction and placement are kept by the elders of the tribe, who carefully detail where to place the devices in the jungle to maximize their disruptive potential.

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Monster Codex © 2015, Paizo Inc.; Authors: John Compton, Paris Crenshaw, Mike Myler, Tork Shaw, and Larry Wilhelm.

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