Advanced Great Wyrm Red Dragon

This dragon is a fortress-sized red dragon with ambitions of taking over a large part of the world.

Advanced Great Wyrm Red Dragon CR 25

XP 1,638,400
Advanced great wyrm red dragon
CE Colossal dragon (fire)
Init +4; Senses dragon sense, smoke vision; Perception +29; Aura fire, frightful presence (360 ft., DC 32)


AC 43, touch 2, flat-footed 43 (+41 natural, –8 size)
hp 507 (29d12+319)
Fort +27, Ref +16, Will +26
DR 20/magic; Immune fire, paralysis, sleep; SR 36
Weakness vulnerability to cold


Speed 40 ft., fly 250 ft. (clumsy)
Melee bite +47 (4d8+27/19–20), 2 claws +47 (4d6+18), 2 wings +45 (2d8+9), tail slap +45 (4d6+27)
Space 30 ft.; Reach 25 ft. (30 ft. with bite)
Special Attacks breath weapon (70-ft. cone, DC 35, 24d10 fire), crush, incinerate, manipulate flames, melt stone, tail sweep
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 29th, concentration +37)

At willdetect magic, discern location, find the path, pyrotechnics (DC 20), suggestion (DC 21), wall of fire

Spells Known (CL 19th, concentration +27)

9th (4/day)shapechange, time stop
8th (7/day)iron body, polar ray, polymorph any object (DC 26)
7th (7/day)-—greater teleport, limited wish, spell turning
6th (7/day)antimagic field, contingency, greater dispel magic
5th (7/day)polymorph, telekinesis (DC 23), teleport, wall of force
4th (8/day)fear (DC 22), fire shield, greater invisibility, stoneskin
3rd (8/day)dispel magic, displacement, haste, tongues
2nd (8/day)alter self, detect thoughts, misdirection, resist energy, see invisibility
1st (8/day)alarm, grease (DC 19), magic missile, shield, true strike
0th (at will)arcane mark, bleed, light, mage hand, mending, message, open/close, prestidigitation, read magic


Str 47, Dex 10, Con 33, Int 26, Wis 27, Cha 26
Base Atk +29; CMB +55; CMD 55 (59 vs. trip)
Feats Awesome Blow, Cleave, Great Cleave, Greater Vital Strike, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Critical (bite), Improved Initiative, Improved Iron Will, Improved Vital Strike, Iron Will, Multiattack, Power Attack, Quicken Spell, Stunning Critical, Vital Strike
Skills Appraise +29, Bluff +29, Diplomacy +29, Fly +29, Intimidate +29, Knowledge (arcana) +29, Knowledge (history), +29 Knowledge (local) +29, Knowledge (nobility) +29, Perception +29, Sense Motive +29, Spellcraft +29, Stealth +29, Survival +29
Languages Abyssal, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Giant, Ignan, Orc, two others


Fire Aura (Su)

An adult red dragon is surrounded by an aura of intense heat. All creatures within 5 feet take 1d6 points of fire damage at the beginning of the dragon’s turn. An old dragon’s aura extends to 10 feet. An ancient dragon’s damage increases to 2d6.

Incinerate (Su)

A great wyrm red dragon can incinerate creatures in its fiery breath. A creature reduced to fewer than 0 hit points by its breath weapon must make a Fortitude save (using the breath weapon’s DC). Failure indicates that the creature is reduced to ash. Creatures destroyed in this way can only be restored to life through true resurrection or similar magic.

Manipulate Flames (Su)

An old or older red dragon can control any fire spell within 10 feet per age category of the dragon as a standard action. This ability allows it to move any fire effect in the area, as if it were the caster. This ability also allows it to reposition a stationary fire effect, although the new placement must be one allowed by the spell. Finally, for 1 round following the use of this ability, the dragon can control any new fire spell cast within its area of control, as if it were the caster. It can make all decisions allowed to the caster, including canceling the spell if it so desires.

Melt Stone (Su)

An ancient or older red dragon can use its breath weapon to melt rock at a range of 100 feet, affecting a 5-foot-radius area per age category. The area becomes lava to a depth of 1 foot. Any creature in contact with the lava takes 20d6 points of fire damage on the first round, 10d6 on the second, and none thereafter as the lava hardens and cools. If used on a wall or ceiling, treat this ability as an avalanche that deals fire damage.

Smoke Vision (Ex)

A very young red dragon can see perfectly in smoky conditions (such as those created by pyrotechnics).


Environment unique
Organization unique
Treasure epic hoard (see below)

The Conqueror’s Hoard

The dragon is a crafty foe, and should he face his end, he likely does so on his own ground, where his lair lies hidden. Those who survive an epic battle against the terror receive an equally epic reward.

The hoard is valued at approximately 630,000 gp and consists of the following.

  • 1,950,008 cp
  • 160,000 sp
  • 22,000 gp
  • 1,100 pp
  • Dozens of types and shapes of both raw and cut gemstones, meticulously organized by type and size in numerous chests and coffers (worth 19,300 gp in total), along with two masterpieces: a silver hourglass filled with small but flawless white pearls (worth 5,000 gp) and a ruby cut with unnerving precision into the shape of a human heart (worth 6,696 gp).
  • A stunning variety of jewelry, from simple rings, brooches, and pendants to elaborate jeweled armbands, precious torcs, and filigree masks, fill several delicate displays and padded cases (worth 23,000 gp altogether). Eclipsing the assortment’s other splendors, a collection of six crowns—each a masterpiece from a different era and culture—sit upon six yellowed skulls, glimmering as grim but striking trophies (worth approximately 4,000 gp apiece). One of these crowns is firmly nailed to its skull mount.
  • 30 masterwork weapons, mostly overly long and sturdy lances dating back to the time of the country’s unification, worth 9,300 gp in total. 12 masterwork suits of armor, several still bearing the distinct odor of charred meat, worth 10,800 in total.
  • A centuries-old copy of a history book, written in Common and bound in thick green scales, which bears thorough amendments and marginalia in the Cyclops language, a language that seems to backdate the already ancient book by untold ages. Several rough, hand drawn maps of local areas fill the end papers, also bearing annotations and corrections. The most noteworthy alteration pushes the northwestern arm of a nearby sea several dozen miles south and marks what looks like a maze of trees and a man-shaped tower about 150 miles south. This unique, ancient document is worth 15,000 gp.
  • A black marble statue of a 7-foot-tall warrior dressed in the airy robes of an ancient noble. While most of the sculpture’s body bears a flesh-like appearance, purposefully carved cracks reveal gear work designs beneath—though its body is entirely stone. As an oddity and stunning piece of ancient art, the statue is worth 22,000 gp. However, those who dispel the magic affecting the statue (DC 32 dispel check) reveal it to be a powerful kolyarut inevitable, possessing several levels of fighter or inquisitor. He has been trapped for several thousand years, yet after a brief period of confusion, seeks to fulfill his ancient mission to wipe out an ancient family of foul magic-users. Unfortunately, he does not see a distinction between his ancient mandate to exterminate a handful of wizards and the hundreds of innocents who can trace their ancestry through the generations to these long-dead villains.
  • A masterwork mandolin, carved from lacewood and etched with images of intertwined snakes and graceful angels, with a neck sculpted like the serpentine body of a lillend azata. As an instrument, the mandolin is worth 4,000 gp. Those who make a DC 18 Perception check notice that the body of the instrument hides a folded piece of handwritten sheet music, its song a simple but very catchy melody, sure to be popular if played in public. Aside from notes, the paper bears the initials “S.P.”
  • A green acorn the size of a human’s head. A DC 25 Knowledge (nature) check reveals it to be a treant’s seed. Returning the seed to a treant, goodly fey creature, druid, or other agent of nature is sure to win thanks. Alternatively, planting and tending the seed for 5 years sees it grow into a young treant. The acorn is worth 6,000 gp to some eclectic gardeners and wizards.
  • The incredible armored ball gown of infamously brutal lieutenant and rumored lover. Shinning studs, mithral chains, and filigree “embroidery” replace the silks and lace that would commonly compose such an elaborate outfit. The gown is effectively +4 mithral full-plate of etherealness, worth 75,800 gp. If need be, the armor’s dress can be removed, making the armor usable as half plate rather then full plate, but retaining all of its magical properties.
  • Three sizable pieces of adamantine ore. These slabs of skymetal are worth a total of 15,000 gp, and could easily be used by a skilled craftsman to forge new weapons or armor—using the value of the ore to forgo the additional cost of creating an adamantine item.
  • Two collections of spellbooks, one set bound in pale leather and bearing the emblem of an elaborate cartouche circling crossed swords, and the other made of sheets of thick papyrus covered by panels of lacquered wood. These tomes might bear any spells the GM wishes to introduce into the campaign.
  • A +3 speed falchion
  • An amulet of mighty fists +2
  • A bronze griffon figurine of wondrous power
  • 2 carpets of flying (5 ft. by 10 ft.)
  • 3 elixirs of love
  • Iron bands of binding
  • A ring of x-ray vision
  • A rod of security
  • A set of horseshoes of speed
  • A tome of leadership and influence +2
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