Damien, Vampire Hunter (Dhampir Vampire Hunter 20)

This stranger seems cut from the night sky—his garb is as dark as the space between the stars, his skin pale as moonlight. A wide-brimmed hat partially hides his face, but even so it’s impossible to ignore such striking features.

Damien CR 20

XP 307,200
Male dhampir (sacred ancestor) vampire hunter 20
NG Medium humanoid (dhampir)
Init +14; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, Perception +26


AC 32, touch 23, flat-footed 23 (+9 armor, +4 deflection, +8 Dex, +1 dodge)
hp 173 (20d8+80); regeneration 1
Fort +16, Ref +33, Will +20; –1 vs. illusions
Defensive Abilities resist level drain, undead resistance
Weakness negative energy affinity


Speed 30 ft.
Melee sun blade +36/+31/+26/+21 (1d10+9/19–20/×3); (+2/+2 vs. evil creatures)
Special Attacks critical reflexes, improved quarry, master vampire hunter, quarry, stake, vampire bane (DC 38)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 20th; concentration +20)

At willdetect undead
3/daytrue strike
1/daydispel magic

Vampire Hunter Spells Known (CL 20th; concentration +20)

4thdiscern lies (DC 16), dismissal (DC 16), divination, holy smite (DC 16), neutralize poison
3rdcure serious wounds, dimensional anchor, dispel magic, heroism, remove curse, searing light (DC 15)
2ndaid, align weapon, detect thoughts (DC 14), knock, resist energy, tongues
1stbless water, detect evil, expeditious retreat, hide from undead, remove fear, sanctuary


Str 23, Dex 32, Con 18, Int 13, Wis 15, Cha 16
Base Atk +15; CMB +21; CMD 46
Feats Ancestor’s Visage, Blind-Fight, Combat Reflexes, Countenanced Carbuncle, Death’s Nightmare, Dodge, Extended Vampiric Focus, Hand’s Autonomy, Hand’s Hunger, Hunger for Magic, Improved Initiative, Improved Lightning Reflexes, Lightning Reflexes, Mobility, Vampire Scholar, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (bastard sword)
Skills Acrobatics +35 (+31 when jumping), Diplomacy +6, Disable Device +11, Intimidate +14, Knowledge (nobility) +17, Knowledge (religion) +25, Perception +26, Ride +33, Sleight of Hand +21, Spellcraft +15, Use Magic Device +24
Languages Common
SQ ancestry of legend, relentless, relentless band, remove vampirism, swift tracker, track, vampire tracker, vampiric focus (22 minutes/day; vampiric agility, vampiric momentum, vampiric resolve)
Gear wand of cure serious wounds (50 charges); Other Gear celestial armor, sun blade, azure pendant, belt of physical might +6 (Str, Dex), boots of striding and springing, cloak of resistance +5, clockwork charger, pale green prism ioun stone, ring of regeneration, ring of protection +4, sun sensitivity outfit


Ancestry of Legend (Ex)

Damien’s ability scores were generated using a 25-point buy, and have been supplemented through the use of magic items that grant an inherent +5 bonus to his Constitution, Dexterity, Strength, and Wisdom scores. Additionally, Damien’s traits reflect his sacred ancestry dhampir heritage. Collectively, these benefits plus his PC-level wealth increase his total CR by 1.

Clockwork Charger

This creature has the same statistics as a clockwork charger.


Damien seeks nothing less than the eradication of all vampirekind.

Imposing and aloof, he has a reputation as an unrelenting tracker and lethal swordsman. None can say how many vampires the hunter has killed, or why he pursues Nobles with a dedication beyond greed or a single act of revenge. He is a dark legend and a dire end to nightmares most hope never to have.

Damien is a figure of legend, but even the most remarkable reports travel slowly and have much competition in the arena of tall tales and taller terrors. Many travelers know of the dhampir bounty hunter, though, the killer who turns the Nobility’s own powers against them.

He charges extraordinary prices for his services, but it’s said that he’s worth every coin and has completed every contract he’s ever accepted. This isn’t to say he accepts every contract, though. Damien hunts for reasons besides money, and while he’s destiny-bound to strike against the Nobility, he’s honorbound to do so in keeping with his own strict, moral code.

Damien has no home and few friends. Those seeking to hire him have no clear course for doing so. Where he travels and how he decides what work to pursue are mysteries known only to him. But occasionally, a dark-clad stranger rides into a place plagued by despair and terror. In such a rare instance, the truly desperate and the truly deserving might have a hope of hiring Damien.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: The World of Vampire Hunter D © 2016, Paizo Inc.; Author: F. Wesley Schneider.

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