Human Fighter 1/Abjurer 6/Eldritch Knight 7

This statuesque human woman’s most striking feature is her skin, which has the appearance of sparkling diamond. She has long black hair and dark eyes, and wears diaphanous silks that show off her strange skin, with only the barest concessions to modesty. She has silver bracelets and anklets, and has bare feet. She carries a glaive.

Human fighter 1/abjurer 6/eldritch knight 7 CR 13

XP 25,600
Female human fighter 1/abjurer 6/eldritch knight 7
N Medium humanoid (human)
Init +9; Senses Perception +19


AC 25, touch 19, flat-footed 20 (+6 armor, +5 Dex, +4 natural)
hp 139 (14 HD; 1d10+6d6+7d10+70)
Fort +15, Ref +11, Will +10
Defensive Abilities energy absorption (18 hp/day); DR 10/adamantine; Resist acid 5, cold 10 (30 in a specific area), fire 30
Weakness vulnerable to sonic


Speed 30 ft.
Melee +2 spell storing glaive +18/+13/+8 (1d10+8/19–20/×3) or
slam +11+4 (1d4+4)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.

Abjurer School Abilities (CL 6th)

8/day—protective ward

Wizard Spells Prepared (CL 13th; concentration +18, +22 defensive; ranged touch +16; 10% spell failure)

6thchain lightning (DC 21) (2), greater dispel magic
5thbaleful polymorph (DC 20), break enchantment (DC 20), dismissal (DC 20), summon monster V, teleport
4thbestow curse, enervation, ice storm, lesser globe of invulnerability, secure shelter
3rddispel magic, fly, haste, slow (DC 18), vampiric touch
2ndacid arrow, cat’s grace, false life, glitterdust (DC 17), resist energy, scorching ray
1stalarm, magic missile (2), ray of enfeeblement (2), shield, true strike
0 (at will)detect magic, ray of frost, read magic, resistance

Opposition Schools Enchantment and Illusion


Str 19, Dex 20, Con 20, Int 20, Wis 13, Cha 7
Base Atk +11; CMB +15; CMD 34
Feats Arcane Armor Training, Arcane Blast, Combat Casting, Combat Reflexes, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wand, Great Fortitude, Improved Critical (glaive), Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Scribe Scroll, Weapon Focus (glaive)
Skills Acrobatics +19, Appraise +22, Fly +22, Intimidate +7, Knowledge (arcana) +22, Knowledge (planes) +22, Perception +19, Sense Motive +18, Spellcraft +22
Languages Common, Ignan, Infernal, Terran, +1 additional
SQ arcane familiar (weasel)
Combat Gear potion of cure moderate wounds, wand of lightning bolt (CL 8th; 24 charges); Other Gear +2 glamered mithral chain shirt, +2 spell storing glaive (currently stores vampiric touch), belt of physical might +2, headband of vast intelligence +2, silver bracelets and anklets worth 500 gp, spell component pouch, spellbook (all prepared spells, all 0-level spells, plus 1d6 more spells of each level, including lesser planar ally and planar ally)


Diamond Skin (Ex)

Her diamond skin grants her a +4 natural armor bonus, DR 10/adamantine, fire and cold resistance 30, and vulnerability to sonic damage (she takes 150% normal damage from sonic attacks). She also gains a slam attack with her fist, although she generally only uses this to take attacks of opportunity.

Energy Absorption (Su)

She can absorb 18 points of energy damage per day. Whenever she takes energy damage, apply immunity, vulnerability (if any), and resistance first and apply the rest to this absorption, reducing her daily total by that amount. Any damage in excess of her absorption is applied to her normally.

Inherent Bonuses (Ex)

As a favored consort, she has been allowed to use wishes to gain a +3 inherent bonus to all six of her ability scores, with the exception of Charisma (which remains low due to her emotionless personality).

Protective Ward (Su)

As a standard action, she can create a 10-foot-radius field of protective magic centered on herself that lasts for 5 rounds. All allies in this area (including her) receive a +2 deflection bonus to their AC. She can use this ability 8 times per day.

Weasel familiar CR —

N Tiny magical beast
Init +2; Senses low-light vision, scent; Perception +18


AC 18, touch 14, flat-footed 16 (+2 Dex, +4 natural, +2 size)
hp 69 (14 HD)
Fort +8, Ref +6, Will +8
Defensive Abilities improved evasion


Speed 20 ft., climb 20 ft.
Melee bite +15 (1d3–4 plus attach)
Space 2-1/2 ft.; Reach 0 ft.
Special Attacks deliver touch spells


Str 3, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 5
Base Atk +11; CMB +11; CMD 17 (21 vs. trip)
Feats Weapon Finesse
Skills Acrobatics +27, Appraise +13, Climb +10. Escape Artist +3, Fly +23, Intimidate +3, Knowledge (arcana) +13, Knowledge (planes) +13, Perception +18, Sense Motive +15, Spellcraft +13, Stealth +14; Racial Modifiers +8 Acrobatics, +4 Stealth
SQ empathic link, share spells, speak with master

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Pathfinder 24: The Final Wish. Copyright 2009, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Author: Rob McCreary

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