Swampwalker (Half-Elf Ranger 9)

Swampwalker CR 8

XP 4,800
Half-Elf Ranger 9
CE Medium humanoid (elf, human)
Init +1; Senses low-light vision; Perception +16


AC 19, touch 12, flat-footed 18 (+4 armor, +1 deflection, +1 Dex, +3 natural)
hp 81 (9d10+27)
Fort +8, Ref +7, Will +5; +2 vs. enchantments
Defensive Abilities evasion; Immune sleep


Speed 30 ft.
Melee mwk spiked chain +14/+9 (2d4+6)
Ranged +1 composite longbow +12/+7 (1d8+5/ 19–20/×3)
Special Attacks favored enemy (aquatic humanoids +4, humans +2)
Ranger Spells Prepared (CL 6th; concentration +8)


Before Combat The ranger casts barkskin and pass without trace.

During Combat The ranger attacks from stealth using his bow. He might drag a Small opponent underwater, relying on Endurance to outlast his drowning foe (though he has his potion of water breathing just in case).

Base Statistics

Without barkskin, the ranger’s statistics are AC 16, touch 12, flat-footed 15.


Str 18, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8
Base Atk +9; CMB +13; CMD 25
Feats Deadly Aim, Endurance, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (spiked chain), Improved Critical (composite longbow), Point-Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Skill Focus (Stealth), Vital Strike, Weapon Focus (composite longbow)
Skills Climb +12, Handle Animal +6, Knowledge (nature) +12, Perception +16, Stealth +16, Survival +14, Swim +16
Languages Common, Elven
SQ elf blood, favored terrain (forest +2, swamp +4), hunter’s bond (companions), swift tracker, track +4, wild empathy +8, woodland stride
Combat Gear +1 frost arrows (5), +1 humanbane arrows (5); potion of cure moderate wounds, potion of haste, potion of water breathing; Other Gear +1 studded leather, +1 composite longbow (+4 Str) with 20 arrows, masterwork spiked chain, ring of protection +1, 290 gp


The swampwalker is a savage predator of the stinking marsh. He is familiar with its threats and uses them as tools to defeat his opponents.

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