Noble Crusader (CR 4)

Noble Crusader CR 4

XP 1,200
Human cleric 5
LN Medium humanoid (human)
Init –1; Senses Perception +6


AC 20, touch 9, flat-footed 20 (+7 armor, –1 Dex, +4 shield)
hp 41 (5d8+15)
Fort +7, Ref +1, Will +7


Speed 20 ft.
Melee mwk longsword +8 (1d8+3/19–20)
Ranged light revolver +2 (1d6/x4)
Special Attacks channel positive energy 6/day (DC 13, 3d6)
Domain Spell-Like Abilities (CL 5th; concentration +7)

5/day—touch of law
5/day—battle rage (+2 damage)

Cleric Spells Prepared (CL 5th; concentration +7)

3rddispel magic, magic vestmentD, searing light
2ndalign weapon (law only)D, enthrall (DC 14), resist energy, sound burst (DC 14)
1stcommand (DC 13), divine favor, magic weaponD, shield of faith, summon monster I
0 (at will)guidance, light, purify food and drink, resistance

D Domain spell; Domains Law, War


Before Combat The cleric casts magic vestment.

During Combat The cleric attacks with her longsword, and casts magic weapon or align weapon as needed.

When fighting undead, she channels positive energy. Otherwise, she uses ranged magical attacks only as a last resort.

Base Statistics

Without magic vestment, the cleric’s statistics are:

AC 18, touch 9, flat-footed 18.


Str 17, Dex 8, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 12
Base Atk +3; CMB +6; CMD 15
Feats Combat Casting, Heavy Armor Proficiency, Shield Focus, Weapon Focus (longsword)
Skills Diplomacy +9, Heal +6, Knowledge (nobility) +6, Knowledge (religion) +5, Perception +6
Languages Common
SQ aura
Combat Gear potion of bull’s strength, thunderstone, fragmentation grenade, tear gas grenade; Other Gear masterwork heavy trooper armor with lead lining, +1 heavy steel shield, masterwork longsword, light revolver with 12 metal cartridges, cloak of resistance +1, silver holy symbol, 6 gp

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