Human Expert 4/Rogue 2

Human Expert 4/Rogue 2 CR 2

XP 600
Male old human expert 4/rogue 2
NE Medium humanoid
Init +5; Senses Perception +11


AC 15, touch 11, flat-footed 14 (+4 armor, +1 Dex)
hp 21 (6d8-6)
Fort +0, Ref +5, Will +6;
Defensive Abilities evasion


Speed 30 ft.
Melee mwk dagger +6 (1d4-3/19-20)
Ranged mwk hand crossbow +6 (1d4/19-20)
Special Attacks sneak attack (1d6+1 bleed)


Str 5, Dex 13, Con 9, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 15
Base Atk +4; CMB +1; CMD 11
Feats Combat Expertise, Improved Initiative, Skill Focus (Bluff), Weapon FinesseB
Skills Appraise +12, Bluff +14, Linguistics +12, Handle Animal +7, Intimidate +11, Knowledge (local) +12, Disable Device +11, Sleight of Hand +10, Perception +11
Languages Common, Goblin
SQ trapfinding, rogue talent (bleeding attacks)
Combat Gear masterwork chain shirt, masterwork dagger, masterwork hand crossbow with 10 bolts, ; Other Gear ring of keys (for all locks in the fishery)


Bleeding Attacks (Ex)

The rogue can cause living opponents to bleed by hitting them with a sneak attack. This attack causes the target to take 1 additional point of damage each round for each die of the rogue’s sneak attack (e.g., 4d6 equals 4 points of bleed). Bleeding creatures take that amount of damage every round at the start of each of their turns. The bleeding can be stopped by a DC 15 Heal check or the application of any effect that heals hit point damage. Bleeding damage from this ability does not stack with itself. Bleeding damage bypasses any damage reduction the creature might possess.

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