Sister of the Golden Erinyes (Human Monk 11)

Sister of the Golden Erinyes CR 10

XP 9,600
Human Monk 11
LE Medium humanoid (human)
Init+7; Senses Perception +16


AC 20, touch 20, flat-footed 16 (+1 deflection, +3 Dex, +1 dodge, +2 monk, +3 Wis)
hp 97 (11d8+44)
Fort +9, Ref +12, Will +10; +2 vs. enchantments
Defensive Abilities improved evasion; Immune disease, poison


Speed 60 ft.
Melee mwk seven–branched sword +12/+7 (1d10+4/×3) or +1 unarmed strike +13/+8 (1d10+4) or mwk seven–branched sword flurry of blows +13/+13/+8/+8/+3 (1d10+4/×3) or +1 unarmed strike flurry of blows +14/+14/+9/+9/+4 (1d10+4) Ranged mwk shuriken +12/+7 (1d2+3) or mwk shuriken flurry of blows +13/+13/+8/+8/+3 (1d2+3)
Special Attacks flurry of blows, stunning fist (11/day, DC 18)


Str 16, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 8
Base Atk +8; CMB +14; CMD 31
Feats Deflect Arrows, Dodge, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (seven-branched sword), Hamatalatsu*, Improved Initiative, Improved Unarmed Strike, Lightning Reflexes, Mobility, Power Attack, Spring Attack, Stunning Fist, Toughness, Weapon Focus (unarmed strike)
Skills Acrobatics +16 (+39 when jumping), Climb +16, Intimidate +12, Knowledge (religion) +7, Linguistics +1, Perception +16, Stealth +16
Languages Common, Infernal
SQ diamond body, fast movement, high jump, ki pool (8 points, lawful, magic), maneuver training, purity of body, slow fall 50 ft., wholeness of body
Combat Gear potions of barkskin (2), potion of cat’s grace, potion of good hope, alchemist’s fire, tanglefoot bag; Other Gear mwk seven-branched sword, mwk shuriken (40), amulet of mighty fists +1, belt of giant strength +2, headband of inspired wisdom +2, ring of protection +1, silver unholy symbol of Asmodeus, 7 gp

Special Feats


A Sister of the Golden Erinyes unarmed attacks can deal either bludgeoning or piercing damage. She decides which type of damage she deals whenever she attacks a foe, but she may choose only one type at a time. If she critically hits a foe with her unarmed strike while dealing piercing damage, the additional pain caused by the strike causes the foe to become sickened for 1 round (or staggered for 1 round if the target is already sickened). Multiple critical hits in a round against a single foe do not increase the duration of the sickened or staggered condition.

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea NPC Codex © 2013, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Authors: John Compton, Paris Crenshaw, Adam Daigle, Josh Foster, Rob McCreary, Mark Moreland, and Russ Taylor.

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