Street Thug (CR 1)

Street Thug CR 1

XP 400
Human fighter 1/rogue 1
NE Medium humanoid
Init +2; Senses Perception +5


AC 14, touch 12, flat-footed 12 (+2 armor, +2 Dex)
hp 16 (2 HD; 1d10+1d8+6)
Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +0


Speed 30 ft.
Melee quarterstaff +4 (1d6+3) or quarterstaff +2/+2 (1d6+3/1d6+1) or dagger +4 (1d4+3/19–20) or sap +4 (1d6+3 nonlethal)
Ranged blunderbuss +3 (1d8) or dagger +3 (1d4+3/19–20)
Special Attacks sneak attack +1d6


Str 16, Dex 15, Con 13, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 12
Base Atk +1; CMB +4; CMD 16
Feats Skill Focus (Intimidate), Toughness, Two-Weapon Fighting
Skills Climb +8, Intimidate +9, Knowledge (local) +4, Perception +5 (+6 to find traps), Stealth +7
Languages Common
SQ trapfinding +1
Gear armored jacket, blunderbuss with 4 pellet cartridges, 1 entangling shot cartridge, daggers (2), quarterstaff, sap, manacles (2)

Boon A street thug could attempt to kidnap or threaten a particular NPC, deliver a message, or create a disturbance with a street brawl whose distraction causes a –2 penalty on opposed Perception checks for 1 minute.

Street thugs are crude muscle employed by other criminals to keep rivals at bay and shake down hapless shopkeepers and terrorize the citizenry with brutal beatings. In lawless cities, street thugs can serve as corrupt guardsmen or as a vigilante militia. Street thugs can also be used as bouncers in a tavern or casino. Replacing Two-Weapon Fighting with Intimidating Prowess makes a street thug a better extortionist. Outside of cities and towns, street thugs can also be used as bandits or brigands, or as low-level guards for a merchant caravan.

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