Boneneedles are eyeless, bone white creatures that resemble a blob of semi-translucent flesh with eight spindly, spider-like legs. These creatures feed on bone marrow and their lairs are always scattered with leg bones, arm bones, spinal columns and the like from once living creatures; both humanoid and animal. They make their lairs deep underground and avoid natural daylight, though some brave the surface world and venture from their lairs at night. These creatures rarely foray into the outside world, so such encounters are rare, and will always be with more than one boneneedle.

Boneneedles tend to congregate in clusters or packs and a typical lair can contain many of these creatures. They have no social structure and simply rely on one another for hunting and feeding. Any young boneneedles present are generally nonthreatening as they lack the deadly mandibles that adults possess.

Boneneedles are bloated, yellowish-white blobs of rubbery flesh with spidery legs of black or gold. The mandibles are glossy-black and hollow, and aid the boneneedle in piercing its prey’s flesh and bone and siphoning off its meal. When feeding, the boneneedle’s fleshy form pulsates and expands. After feeding, its form becomes less translucent and takes on a sickly yellow color.

Boneneedles are highly aggressive and opportunistic hunters. Using their coloration, they hide among the piles of bones in their lair and wait for living creatures to wander close by. When prey comes within range, the boneneedle darts from its hiding place and bites. If subjected to natural daylight, boneneedles flee from the source of the light in the most direct route possible.

A greater boneneedle is a larger version of the standard boneneedle. It is often found acting as the queen or king within a nest.

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Boneneedle from the Tome of Horrors Complete, Copyright 2011, Necromancer Games, Inc., published and distributed by Frog God Games; Author Scott Greene.

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