Void-Ravaged Creature (CR +1)

When a mortal creature survives for months or even years without dying on the Negative Energy Plane, or it is exposed to certain potent pulses of negative energy, it can be transformed into a void-ravaged creature: an undeadlike (but still living) creature infused with negative energy.

Void-ravaged creatures tend to be loners, and are only rarely encountered outside of the Negative Energy Plane.

A void-ravaged creature’s quick and rebuild rules are the same. This simple template can be applied only to a living creature whose CR is 3 or higher.

Void-ravaged creatures cannot exist long outside of the Negative Energy Plane, and they treat all other planes as if those planes had the major positive-dominant essence trait.

Rebuild Rules

Senses gains darkvision 60 ft.; Defensive Abilities gains DR 5/—; immunity to death, energy drain, and mind-affecting effects; and the negative energy affinity universal monster ability; Special Attacks one natural attack (or unarmed strike if the creature has no natural attacks) gains the energy drain universal monster ability (this effect can activate only once per round, regardless of the number of successful attacks the void-ravaged creature makes; when this special attack takes effect, it imposes 1 negative level on the target; the save DC to remove these negative levels 24 hours later is equal to 10 + half the void-ravaged creature’s HD + the void-ravaged creature’s Charisma modifier).

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