Bestial Werewolf (CR +1)

Bestial werewolves do not transform into normal wolves or wolf-human hybrids, but instead transform into oversized, monstrous wolves.

In addition to the changes for the lycanthrope template, make the following adjustments to the base creature.

Challenge Rating: Normal werewolf’s CR +1.

Defensive Abilities: Regardless of whether it is natural or afflicted, a bestial werewolf gains DR 10/silver and ferocity when in animal form.

Special Attacks: A bestial werewolf does not gain the change shape special attack of the lycanthrope template, and instead gains the following special attacks.

Change Shape (Su)

A bestial werewolf does not gain a hybrid form, and its animal form is that of a dire wolf, rather than an ordinary wolf. Otherwise, this ability functions identically to the change shape ability granted by the lycanthrope template.

Feral Counter (Ex)

While in animal form, the first time each round that a creature damages a bestial werewolf, the bestial werewolf can take an attack of opportunity against the creature. The werewolf must threaten the triggering creature to use this ability.

Ability Scores: A bestial werewolf gains +4 Strength and +4 Constitution in animal form, instead of the normal statistic adjustments granted by the lycanthrope template.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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