Vampire Spawn, Repeatedly Drained (CR –1)

A creature from which a vampire routinely drinks blood usually adapts to the rapid and repeated blood loss, but a thirsty vampire can push too far, physically weakening her prey. The victim’s skin turns pale and her eyes become listless; others describe the victim as “wasting away” or “a walking corpse.” Few mortals realize that these descriptions are accurate, and the victim is, in fact, courting death.

Quick Rules

–2 on all rolls based on Con or Cha and to the DCs of all special abilities based on Con or Cha, –2 hp/HD, +2 on saving throws vs. energy drain.

Rebuild Rules

Defensive Abilities resist drain special ability; Ability Scores –4 Con, –4 Cha.

Resist Drain (Ex)

After having its blood sucked out over and over again by a vampire, the repeatedly drained creature becomes used to the effects and builds a natural tolerance for energy drain. The repeatedly drained creature gains a +4 bonus on saving throws against energy drain attacks and the saving throw to overcome negative levels. It suffers no penalties from negative levels, though it still dies if its negative levels equal or exceed its Hit Dice.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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