Titanic Creature (CR +1 to +6)[3pp]

Through magic, fate, or unnatural science, some creatures are bred that vastly exceed the size of their peers. Mammoth beasts and monsters of epic magnitude, titanic creatures stalk the landscape, invariably causing destruction in their wake.

Creating a Titanic Creature

Titanic” is an inherited or acquired template that can be added to any Small or larger creature.

Challenge Rating: Determined by the original size of the base creature: Small +6, Medium +4, Large +3, Huge +2, Gargantuan +1

Size: The base creature’s size changes to Colossal; its space becomes 30 ft. and it gains a +5 ft. bonus to reach.

Type: The base creature gains the augmented subtype.

Armor Class: Size penalty to AC becomes –8 and its natural armor increases by an amount determined by the base creature’s original: Small +18, Medium +14, Large +12, Huge +10, Gargantuan +8. A titanic creature gains a +8 bonus to CMB and CMD from its Colossal size.

Defenses/Qualities: Increases DR by 5/—. Titanic creatures gain the mighty special ability.

Mighty (Ex)

A titanic creature is a truly massive specimen of its type and can carry double what a normal creature of its statistics otherwise could.

Speed: The base creature’s speed changes to 40 ft.; other speeds (burrow, climb, fly, or swim) increase by an amount determined by the base creature’s original size: Small +50 ft.; Medium +40 ft.; Large +30 ft.; Huge +20 ft; Gargantuan +10 ft.

Attacks: A titanic creature’s natural attacks increase in damage dice to match their new size category (see the Natural Attacks by Size table in the Universal Monster Rules from Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary). A titanic creature takes a -8 size penalty to all attack rolls from its Colossal size.

Special Attacks: Titanic creatures gain the magnitude and trample abilities. Creatures with a bite attack also gain the fast swallow, grab (for its bite only), and swallow whole abilities (creatures without a bite attack gain a bite attack with the grab [bite only] and the swallow whole abilities). Unless otherwise noted, a titanic creature’s swallow whole ability deals 4d6+½ Str modifier bludgeoning damage.

Magnitude (Su)

A titanic creature causes the ground to quake beneath its very feet with every step. Any creature in or adjacent to a square a titanic creature travels into or through must make a Reflex save equal to 10 + the titanic creature’s HD or be knocked prone. In addition, as a standard action a titanic creature can stomp the ground and extend this effect to all creatures in a 60-ft.-radius.

Ability Score Modifiers: A titanic creature’s attribute scores change by an amount determined by the base creature’s original size. These changes include the adjustments for the creature’s increased size.

Size: Str +36, Dex –10 (min 1), Con +16, Int –4 (min 1) Medium: Str +28, Dex –8 (min 1), Con +12, Int –4 (min 1) Large: Str +20, Dex –6 (min 1), Con +10, Int –4 (min 1) Huge: Str +16, Dex –4 (min 1), Con +8, Int –4 (min 1) Gargantuan: Str +8, Dex –4 (min 1), Con +6, Int –4 (min 1)

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