Spore Zombie (CR +1)

There are certain evil fungal creatures (such as fungus queens, but also rare fungal growths or extraplanar blights upon the wild) that can infest vermin with spores that have been infused with sinister power and negative energy.

These foul spores grow quickly in the body of a dead vermin, eventually bursting from its head to form disturbing, antler-like growths. At the same time, the spores animate the vermin as an intelligent undead creature.

These are then known as spore zombies.

Creating a Spore Zombie

Spore zombie” is an acquired template that can be added to any vermin, which is referred to hereafter as the base creature.

Challenge Rating: The base creature’s CR + 1.

Alignment: Always chaotic evil.

Type: The creature’s type changes to undead. It retains any subtypes and gains the augmented subtype.

Armor Class: A spore zombie gains a +2 bonus to the base creature’s natural armor.

Hit Dice: The base creature’s Hit Dice + 2.

Saves: The creature’s base save bonuses are Fort +1/3 Hit Dice, Ref +1/3 Hit Dice, and Will +1/2 Hit Dice + 2.

Defensive Abilities: Spore zombies gain all of the qualities and immunities granted by the undead type, and retain all defensive abilities that the base creature had.

Attacks: A spore zombie retains all of the base creature’s natural attacks.

Special Attacks: A spore zombie retains all of the base creature’s special attacks, plus the following (any special attack save DCs that are Constitution-based are now Charisma-based).

Spore Burst (Ex)

Once per day as a swift action, a spore zombie can spray a cloud of spores through the area. This deals 2d6 points of damage to the spore zombie and creates a cloud of spores that fills an area equal to the spore zombie’s reach.

Any creature in this area must succeed at a Fortitude save or be nauseated by the spores for 1d6 rounds. Vermin that fail this save become infested for 24 hours. If an infested vermin dies during this time, it rises as a spore zombie 1d6 rounds after its death.

Abilities: Strength +4. A spore zombie gains an Intelligence score of 10 and a Charisma score equal to the base creature’s Constitution score. They do not have a Con score.

Feats: A spore zombie gains feats as appropriate for its Hit Dice, and gains Toughness as a bonus feat.

Skills: A spore zombie gains skill points equal to 4 + Int modifier per Hit Die (4 points per HD for most). Climb, Fly, Perception, and Stealth are class skills.

Languages: A spore zombie can understand Abyssal but can’t speak.

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