Skinfin Initiate (CR +0) [3pp]

A creature with the Skinfin Initiate or Skinfin Master template has been surgically adapted to an aquatic environment by the Skinfin cult. These creatures will typically have webbed flesh sewn between their lengthened fingers and toes and gills implanted into the sides of their necks, but Norbert’s obsessive experimentation has led to many variances in the “standard.”

Applying either template requires the base creature to undergo dangerous, invasive surgery that takes 2d6 hours, and deals 2d4 Constitution damage.

Skinfin Initiate is an acquired template that can be added to any humanoid creature.

CR: +0

Type: The creature gains the aquatic subtype.

Movement The base creature gains a swim speed of 30 feet.

Special Abilities/Qualities The creature gains the following:

Whispers of the Deep (Ex)

Skinfin Initiates treat the starting attitude of any aquatic creature as one level higher than it would otherwise be. A typical wild animal with a normal starting attitude of unfriendly would be treated as though it were indifferent.

Inhuman Outlook (Ex)

Skinfin Initiates often consider themselves either “blessed” or “abominations” depending on if they underwent the surgical procedures willingly or not. This disconnect from their original form makes it difficult for them to relate to unaltered members of their own race. They receive a -2 penalty to diplomacy checks and +2 to Will saves against effects generated by non-aquatic humanoids.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Skinfin Murders © 2019, Publishing; Author: Nicholas Hite

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