Sentient Waxwork (CR +0)

Rarely, waxworks shaped like intelligent creatures develop minds of their own and can gain levels in character classes.

Creating a Sentient Waxwork

Challenge Rating: Same as a normal waxwork creature’s CR.

Abilities: A sentient waxwork’s Intelligence score is determined by rolling 3d6.

Skills: A sentient waxwork creature gains skill points based on its Hit Dice and Intelligence. Disguise and Stealth are class skills for it, but it has no other class skills. If it was crafted to resemble a specific individual, it also gains a +10 racial bonus on Disguise checks to impersonate that individual.

Feats: A sentient waxwork gains retroactive feats based on its Hit Dice.

Languages: A sentient waxwork creature speaks Common (or the language of the sculptor or animating spirit).

Waxwork Creature Construction

Add produce flame as a spell requirement. Add 1,000 gp to the price (and 500 gp to the cost).

CL varies (equal to the waxwork creature’s HD); Price 1,000 gp per HD plus cost of wax


Feats Craft Construct, animate objects, make whole; Skills Craft (sculpture); Cost 500 gp per HD plus cost of wax

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