Saurian Creature (CR +1)[3pp]

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Saurians are reptile-like beings that live closer to the natural world than others of their kind. Carnivorous and voracious, saurians fight with food on their minds, tearing happily into the bodies of their fallen foes to feed on the tender meat.

A saurian looks like a normal member of its race except that it has the scales, teeth, and claws of a lizard. Its scales may be any color of the rainbow, but a given saurian tends to have scales of only one or two shades. Saurian fire giants, for instance, have patterned red and orange scales, whereas saurian hill giants have dark brown scales on their backs and creamier scales covering their bellies and faces.

Creating a Saurian Creature

Saurian” is an inherited template that can be added to any non-reptilian animal, humanoid, monstrous humanoid, or magical beast that does not have the reptilian subtype (referred to hereafter as the base creature). A saurian uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Challenge Rating: Same as the base creature +1.

Alignment: Usually neutral

Type: If the base creature has the humanoid type, it gains the reptilian subtype.

Senses: A saurian creature gains low-light vision and the scent ability.

Armor Class: Natural armor class improves by +2.

Attacks: If the base creature possesses at least one mouth but has no natural attack with it, the saurian gains a secondary bite attack with each mouth. If the base creature possesses at least two arms but has no natural attacks with them, the saurian gains a primary claw attack for each arm. The damage for these attacks depends on the creature’s size.

Special Attacks: The saurian retains all the base creature’s special attacks, gains rake (2 claws, damage equal to claw attack) and gains those described here.

Leaping Pounce (Ex)

When a saurian charges a foe and jumps for at least the last 10 feet of movement, it may make a full attack, including rake attacks.

Abilities: Dex –2 (minimum 1), Con +2, Wis +2.

Skills: A saurian has a +8 racial bonus on Acrobatics checks to jump and Survival checks.

Languages: If the saurian can speak, it gains the ability to speak Draconic in addition to any other languages the base creature knows.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Advanced Bestiary, Copyright 2014, Green Ronin Publishing, LLC; Author Jeff Hersh, Developer Owen K.C. Stephens

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