Ruination Creature (CR +2)

Ruination creatures bring rust and rot with them everywhere, these living agents of decay and corrosion, whether they intend it or not, spreading destruction and death wherever they go, leaving wreckage in their wake. Some ruination creatures relish this power, but others despise and fear it. A ruination creature looks like a distorted and aberrant version of a normal member of its species jutting with strange discolored bone spurs, its breathing labored and difficult, every movement eliciting a grown.

Creating a Ruination Creature

“Ruination” is an acquired template that can be added to any creature.

A ruination uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

CR: +2

Defensive Abilities: DR 5/silver (increase to 10 if the ruination creature’s CR is 10 or higher, increase to 15 its CR is 15 or Higher); Immune acid, negative energy; SR 12 + the ruination creature’s CR (spells with the electricity descriptor ignore this SR)

Weakness: vulnerability to silver and electricity

Special Abilities: A ruination creature retains all the special abilities of the base creature, and gains the special abilities as described below.

Corroding Strike (Su)

A ruination creature deals acid damage (see chart below) in addition to damage dealt on a successful melee or attack. Those affected by the corrode ability must also succeed on a Reflex save or take the listed damage for an additional 1d4 rounds at the start of its turn (DC 10 + 1/2the ruination creature’s CR + its Constitution modifier). A victim can attempt a new save as a full-round action. Dousing oneself with water or other liquid grants a +4 bonus on this save. Creatures that hit a ruination creature with melee attacks take acid damage as though hit by the ruination creature and must make a Reflex save to avoid catching on fire.

Degeneration (Su)

Any living creature within 120′ of a ruination creature must make a successful Fort save (DC 10 + 1/2 the ruination creature’s HD + Its Con modifier) or their regeneration and fast healing special qualities are suppressed for 24 hours; anyone attempting to use any conjuration (healing) spell, spell-like ability or magic time within the area of effect must make a successful caster level check (DC 15 + 1/2the ruination creature’s CR + its Constitution modifier) or the effect fails. Also any creature that failed its save suffers 1 point of negative energy damage per round within the area of effect; a ruination creature regenerates an amount equal to the damage dealt (only silver and electricity suppress it). If at its maximum hit points, it gains them as temporary hit points.

These temporary hit points last 24 hours and it can only gain a maximum number of temporary hit points equal to twice its normal hit point total. Ruination creature’s cannot suppress this ability but are also immune to the degeneration effects of other creatures.

Ruin Object (Su)

Unattended non-silver objects within 120 ft. of the ruination creature must make a successful Fort Save (DC 15 + 1/2the ruination creature’s CR + its Constitution modifier) or suffer enough damage to reduce the object’s hit points to one hit point below half its maximum hit point total (the effect cannot be repair or grant hit points). This also causes the object to gain the broken condition. If it fails the first, save and remains in the radius for one full minute it must make a second Fort Save (Same DC) or be ruined. Magic items can be broken and ruined by this effect, but the ruination creature’s CR must be equal to or higher than the caster level of the object (artifacts are immune to this effect. The ruination creature can as swift action every 1d4 rounds focus this power to affect one attended object, one undead creature, or one construct creature dealing 1d6 points of damage per HD the ruination creature possesses. This ability must still overcome an object’s hardness, and objects suffer half damage from this effect. Objects and constructs made of silver are immune to this effect.

Abilities: Increase from the base creature as follows: Str +4 (+2 to attack and damage, +2 to Climb and Swim skill checks, +2 to Strength, and CMB checks, +2 to CMD), Dex +4 ( +2 to Ranged attack rolls; AC and touch AC, Initiative, and Ref saves.

CR Acid Damage
3-4 1d6
5-8 2d6
9-12 3d6
13-16 4d6
17+ 5d6

+2 to Acrobatics, Disable Device, Escape Artist, Fly, Ride, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth checks, add +2 to any of the base creature’s Dexterity-based DCs), Con +8 (+4 hp per HD, +4 to Fortitude saves, and any of the base creature’s Constitution-based DCs), Skills: Ruination creatures gain a +8 racial bonus on Disable Device checks.

Feats: Ruination creatures gain Improved Sunder, Greater Sunder, and Power Attack as bonus feats.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathways Bestiary (c) 2017, Rite Publishing LLC.; Author: Steven D. Russell.

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