Recycled Construct (CR -1)

A skilled artificer can revitalize a ruined construct by jury-rigging the pieces left intact. The patchwork nature of a recycled construct renders it fragile and leaves key circuitry exposed.

The sample recycled construct above uses a gearsman as the base creature. The sample recycled gearsman is treated as if it received one glitch during construction (see Recycling Robots), reducing its bonus hit points by 5.

Creating a Recycled Construct

Recycled construct” is an acquired template that can be added to a construct with 3 or more Hit Dice made predominantly of solid material. A recycled construct uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Challenge Rating: Base creature’s CR – 1.

Recycled Construct Malfunctions
d10 Malfunction
1 No additional effect.
2 Sparks fly from the construct, dazzling each adjacent creature that can see it (Fort negates).
3 The construct flails wildly, making one melee attack against each adjacent creature. If the construct is wielding only a ranged weapon, it uses that weapon as an improvised bludgeoning weapon.
4 The construct leaks lubricant, affecting itself and all adjacent squares as if with a grease spell for 1d4+1 rounds.
5 The attack causes the construct to seize violently, functioning as a free disarm combat maneuver check against the weapon that triggered the malfunction. On a success, the weapon is thrown 1d4×10 feet in a random direction. A natural weapon instead provokes a free grapple combat maneuver attempt against the attacking creature for 1 round. This malfunction has no effect on ammunition.
6 Acrid smoke, steam, or mist pours from the construct, as if from a pyrotechnics smoke cloud.
7 Shrapnel explodes from the construct in all directions, dealing 1d6 points of slashing damage per Hit Die of the construct to each creature within 20 feet (Reflex half).
8 The construct emits an earsplitting screech, deafening all creatures within 20 feet (Fort negates).
9 Disruptive energy pulses from the construct, functioning as dispel magic targeting every creature within 20 feet.
10 The construct goes berserk.
Recycled Construct Glitches
d6 Glitch
1 Reduce any bonus hp the base construct received by 5 (minimum 0).
2 Reduce all movement speeds by 5 feet. If the recycled construct’s burrow, fly, or swim speed is reduced to 0, it loses that movement option. Land speed can be reduced to a minimum of 5 feet.
3 Reduce base attack bonus by 1 (minimum +0).
4 Reduce any natural armor bonus by 1 (minimum +0).
5 The recycled robot takes a –1 penalty on all skill checks.
6 The recycled robot has a 5% chance each round of acting erratically, as if confused.

Defensive Abilities: Reduce any damage reduction or hardness by 5. Replace any immunity to magic with spell resistance equal to the base creature’s CR + 11. Any exceptions to the base creature’s immunity to magic automatically bypass the recycled construct’s spell resistance and function as described for the base creature.

Weaknesses: A recycled construct gains the following weakness.

Malfunction (Ex)

A recycled construct that takes precision damage or extra damage from a critical hit becomes staggered for 1 round and immediately triggers a malfunction. To determine the nature of this malfunction, roll 1d10 and consult the table on page 52 (CL = the base creature’s HD; save DC = 10 + the base creature’s HD). A creature can use a move action to attempt a special Disable Device check before dealing precision damage to a recycled construct (DC = 20 + the base creature’s HD). On a success, the attacking creature can roll twice and choose the malfunction result.

Attacks: If the base creature has more than one natural attack, remove one natural attack. The creator can replace the lost attack with a light, one-handed, or ranged weapon of at least masterwork quality and a size appropriate for the base creature.


A recycled construct is built from the remains of the base creature. When destroyed, the base creature must not have taken damage exceeding its total hit points plus 20; otherwise the remnants were too badly damaged to be useful.

Additionally, recycling the construct requires replacement parts worth half the value of the base creature’s body. Construction requirements are identical to the base creature, except the DC of any relevant skill checks is reduced by 5 and the cost is reduced by half.

In order to create a recycled robot or similar construct, a crafter must have the Craft Construct feat and the Technologist feat. Creating a recycled robot requires the remains of other complex constructs, such as robots or clockworks, collectively worth 50,000 gp or more. Crafting a Medium or smaller recycled robot requires the remains of two Medium complex constructs; a Large robot requires the remains of four Medium constructs, and so on. Crafting a recycled robot requires 1 week per set of Medium complex construct remains required for construction.

While creating a recycled robot, the crafter must attempt one Knowledge (engineering) check per Medium construct remains used in construction (DC = 20 + the base creature’s CR). For each failed check, the recycled robot gains a glitch. To determine the nature of this glitch, roll 1d6 and consult the table on page 52. Multiple glitches of the same type stack. If the crafter fails more than half of the required Knowledge (engineering) checks, he fails to recycle the construct and ruins the materials.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Construct Handbook © 2018, Paizo Inc.; Authors: Brian Duckwitz, Andrew Hoskins, Nathan King, Kris Leonard, Luis Loza, Adrian Ng, Tom Phillips, Alex Riggs, and Nicholas Wasko.

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