Rawboned Creature (CR +2)[3pp]

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Affected by the passing of chaos, rawboned creatures have been touched by the warpwaves of chaos and stretched to beyond their breaking, mentally and physically. Whether it was the ripple effect left in the wake of a protean’s passing from one plain to another, a magical explosion gone horrible wrong, or some other wild entropic event, a creature’s life is forever changed and if it is unlucky it survives as a rawboned remnant of whatever it was before.

Maddening pain, bone wrenching horror, and sinew so taut that it should snap, these are the experiences that warp whatever mind a creature possessed. Preternatural scarecrows seeking bloody vengeance upon those who have only committed the offense of not living in perpetual pain, rawboned creatures reave the lives of their prey. No pretense for ambush, no stalking or stealthy, a rawboned creature simply throws itself into combat with wild abandon. No tactics nor reason, only rending the blood price from whatever flesh they encounter.

Creating a Rawboned Creature

Rawboned” is an acquired template that can be added to any living, corporeal creature that is not an ooze (referred to hereafter as the base creature). A rawboned uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Challenge Rating: Same as the base creature +2.

Alignment: Chaotic neutral or chaotic evil.

Type: A rawboned gains the chaotic subtype.

Senses: A rawboned gains tremorsense + 10 feet.

Armor Class: A rawboned’s natural armor bonus increases by +2.

Hit Dice: A rawboned gains an additional 2 racial Hit Dice of the appropriate size for its type.

Defensive Abilities: A rawboned gains DR +5/ bludgeoning.

Weaknesses: A rawboned gains cold vulnerability.

Speed: A rawboned’s base land speed increases by +10 feet. If the base creature possesses any other modes of movement, they increase by +5 feet.

Attacks: A rawboned creature gains two claw attacks, one bite attack, and one slam attack if the base creature does not already have them. The damage for these attacks is based on the creature’s size.

Reach: A rawboned’s reach increases by +5 ft.

Special Attacks: A rawboned gains rend (bite and 2 claws) as a special attack if it did not already have it. The damage from this rend attack is equal to the rawboned’s bite attack increased by two steps plus 1-1/2 of its Strength bonus (minimum +0). If the base creature already has a rend special attack its damage increases by one step.

Abilities: Dex +4, Con +2, Int —2 (minimum 2), Cha –2 (minimum 2).

Feats: A rawboned gains Combat Reflexes and Improved Initiative as bonus feats.

Skills: A rawboned gains a +4 racial bonus to the Perception and Survival skills.

Organization: Change to solitary.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Advanced Bestiary, Copyright 2014, Green Ronin Publishing, LLC; Author Jeff Hersh, Developer Owen K.C. Stephens

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