Qlippoth-Blighted Creature (CR +1)[3pp]

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Angry, hateful, and spiteful, the qlippoth seek to destroy all demon-kind by wiping out sin and the mortals that generate it. One method they use to achieve this goal is by “gifting” a creature with the ability to destroy creatures that are burdened by a specific sin and the demons that personify that sin. These living weapons are the qlippoth-blighted.

A qlippoth-blighted appears as the base creature, but covered in tumors and sores that constantly weep vile fluids. The wounds and tumors whisper to the blighted creature, compelling them to seek out those who demonstrate a particular sin and eliminate them.

Creating a Qlippoth-Blighted Creature

Qlippoth-blighted” is an acquired template that can be added to any creature (hereafter referred to as the base creature). The creature retains all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Challenge Rating: As base creature +1.

Alignment: Always chaotic evil.

Type: A qlippoth-blighted gains the chaotic and evil subtypes. If the base creature has the lawful or good subtypes, it loses those.

Senses: A qlippoth-blighted gains the following sense.

Sin Sense (Su)

A qlippoth-blighted can “sniff out” any creature with its attuned sin (see sin attunement) within 100 ft. When sensing its quarry, the wounds and tumors on a qlippoth-blighted’s body increase the weeping and oozing of vile fluids as it is compelled to seek out the source of sin (see sinful compulsion below). The ability otherwise works as detect evil as if the creature was studied for three rounds.

Defensive Abilities: A qlippoth-blighted gains the following:

Sin Resistance (Su)

A creature that possesses the sin the qlippoth-blighted is attuned to has a 20% miss chance to hit the qlippoth-blighted with any attack or effect. This ability does not grant the qlippoth-blighted concealment. The effects of blur or displacement do not stack with this effect; only the best miss chance applies. Further, against such a creature a qlippoth-blighted can reroll any single save or skill check once per round as long as its roll is in reaction to the actions of its target. The qlippoth-blighted must take the result of the second roll.

Weaknesses: A qlippoth-blighted gains the following:

Sinful Compulsion (Su)

When a qlippoth-blighted creature senses a creature that has the sin it is attuned to via its sin sense ability,it is compelled to find it and kill it. If it doesn’t, the wounds on its body tear wider, causing extreme pain. The creature is considered sickened until it finds its quarry and attacks it, whereupon the sickened condition is removed. This compulsion affects creatures that are normally immune to compulsions or cannot become sickened. A qlippoth-blighted can resist this compulsion and the sickening effect with a successful Will save vs. a DC of 25.

Vulnerability to Virtue (Ex)

A qlippoth-blighted takes 50% more damage from holy or sacred damage and effects with the good descriptor.

Special Attacks: A qlippoth-blighted gains the following.

Kill the Sinful (Su)

A qlippoth-blighted can attempt a destructive strike against a creature that possesses the sin it is attuned to. If the attack succeeds, the target must make a Fortitude save or be reduced to -1 hit points and immediately start dying. The strike must be declared before the attack is rolled. If the attack misses, the qlippoth-blighted expends that attempt. It can use this ability a number of times a day equal to its Charisma modifier (minimum 1). This is a death effect. The save DC is Charisma-based, uses the qlippoth-blighted’s total HD, and it has a +2 racial bonus to the DC.

Sin Consumption (Su)

Upon killing a creature with the appropriate sin, a qlippoth-blighted siphons off the sin on that creature’s soul as it leaves its body as a free action. Each time a qlippoth-blighted consumes sin it gains +4 to one ability score of its choosing. If the creature killed is a demon that represents the specific sin the qlippoth-blighted is attuned to, the bonus increases to +6 and the demon is utterly destroyed.

The bonus from sin consumption lasts until the next time the qlippoth-blighted consumes the appropriate sin, whereupon it can keep the bonus as it is or reassign it to a different score. A qlippoth-blighted can have this bonus applied to only one ability score at a time.

Sin Strike (Su)

A qlippoth-blighted’s critical threat range is doubled and automatically confirms all criticals against creatures that possess the qlippoth-blighted’s attuned sin. Unlike other effects that increase threat range, sin strike stacks with these effects.

Sinful Bypass (Su)

On any attack, a qlippoth-blighted has a 20% chance to bypass any immunities, damage reduction, energy resistance, and spell resistance vs. creatures that possess the qlippoth-blighted’s attuned sin.

Abilities: +2 Con, –2 Int (minimum 1), –4 Cha (minimum 1). If this template is applied to a creature with the demon subtype, the base creature is inflicted with a –4 Wis (minimum 1) penalty.

Special Qualities: A qlippoth-blighted gains the following.

Sin Attunement (Su)

A qlippoth-blighted is attuned to a single specific sin upon creation. Against creatures that possess this sin a qlippoth-blighted gains numerous advantages, including a +2 bonus on all saves, skill checks, attack and damage rolls, as well as a +2 circumstance bonus on AC vs. such creatures. The seven deadly sins (envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth, and wrath) are the usual sins that a qlippoth-blighted is attuned to, but other sins are possible. Examples of other sins that a qlippoth-blighted may be attuned to include suicide, destruction, desertion, and murder. Whatever sin is chosen, it needs to be a type that a specific demon represents.

Vile Death (Ex)

Upon its death, the qlippoth-blighted’s soul is destroyed as well as all the sin it carries. The physical remains dissolve into a foul pool of rotten flesh and putrid fluids. The remains act as the center of an unhallow spell (caster level equal to the qlippoth-blighted’s total Hit Dice). The body totally evaporates after 1d10 rounds, taking the unhallow effect with it. Since its body and soul are destroyed, powerful magic such as true resurrection, miracle or wish are needed to bring the base creature back to life. Demons who are destroyed by the vile death are utterly eradicated and beyond any magic to bring them back short of divine intervention.

Encounters With The Qlippoth Blighted

Sin can be a difficult concept for a GM to deal with. In many ways, sin is more nebulous than alignment since even good creatures have sin on their souls, and evil ones have aspects of virtue on theirs. For some creatures, such as demons, which sin they represent is easy to determine, as it is usually specified in its description. However, for player characters this can be more difficult. Most mortals’ souls, even the most penitent paladin, are tainted by more than one sin. If you are going to use the qlippoth-blighted in your game, you need to determine which sins a PC possesses based on their past actions. For example, a PC who consistently seeks to kill sentient creatures, even if they do not threaten him, would be guilty of the sin of murder and potentially wrath. However, a single incident of killing someone intentionally would not necessarily taint their soul with sin (but it still might affect their alignment). Generally speaking, a PC’s sins should reflect their overall character, not any one particular incident.

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Advanced Bestiary, Copyright 2014, Green Ronin Publishing, LLC; Author Jeff Hersh, Developer Owen K.C. Stephens

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