Positive-Energy Charged Creature (CR +2)[3pp]

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Even in the ranks of the undead there are abominations. When an undead creature is destroyed by positive energy effects, it sometimes returns, infused with the very positive energy that destroyed it.

Positive energy-charged creatures are in constant agony from the energy within their undead frames. However, between their fast healing and immunity to negative energy they are doomed to forever lead a tortured existence. Positive energy-charged creatures instinctively seek out other undead creatures in order to destroy and potentially transform them.

In the presence of living creatures, a positive energy-charged creature might seem like a blessing. It is not. A positive energy-charged creature fills living creatures with so much energy that they can explode. Often it just takes one positive-charged undead to completely decimate a village by starting a chain reaction of exploding citizens.

Creating a Positive-Energy Charged Creature

Positive-energy charged” is an acquired template that can be added to any undead creature (referred to hereafter as the base creature). A positive-energy charged creature uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Challenge Rating: As base creature +2.

Senses: A positive energy-charged creature gains blindsight +60 ft. This blindsight is based on a supernatural awareness and does not go away in an area of a silence spell, nor negated if the positive-energy charged creature is blinded.

Aura: A positive energy-charged creature gains the following.

Positive Energy Aura (Su)

A positive-energy creature emits a 5-ft. radius aura of bright positive energy. This aura deals 1d6 positive energy damage to all undead and heals 1d6 damage to all living creatures with range. Additionally, the aura illuminates a 15 ft. radius around the creature in bright light.

Defensive Abilities: A positive energy-charged creature gains negative energy immunity, and fast healing +5. It still can still be damaged by positive energy effects, but its fast healing usually immediately negates the damage. Its immunity to negative energy means that a positive energy-charged undead cannot be healed. If the base creature has channel resistance, lower the amount by 1 (minimum +0).

Additionally, a positive energy-charged creature gains the following.

Resistance to Control (Ex)

A positive energy-charged creature is much more difficult to control and command than typical undead. Against any effect that tried to command, dominate, or otherwise control it, a positive energy-charged undead gets two saving throws from which it takes the result of the higher roll. Against such effects that do not grant a save, the positive energy-charged creature gains a Will save to negate the effect.

Weaknesses: A positive energy-charged creature loses all weaknesses associated with positive energy. If the base creature is damaged or suffers negative effects in bright light or daylight, it loses that weakness.

Attacks: Each of the base creature’s natural attacks deal positive energy damage instead of its normal physical damage, this additional damage can grant temporary hit points (see Overcharge). Other kinds of energy damage are unaffected.

Special Attacks: All special attacks that deal negative energy damage (such as channel energy) deal positive energy instead. Additionally, a positive energy-charged creature gains the following.

Energy Infusion (Su)

The influence of positive energy changes a positive-energy charged creature’s energy drain attack to energy infusion. Energy infusion attacks fill a target with positive energy instead of draining levels. For each level of the base creature’s energy drain energy infusion deals the target’s total Hit Dice multiplied by its Constitution modifier (Charisma if undead) in positive energy to the target.

The infusion can be resisted with a successful Will save even if the original effect didn’t allow one. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Overcharge (Su)

All the positive energy-charged creature’s positive energy effects heal living creatures. If a living creature is already at or healed beyond full hit points, the healing effect adds temporary hit points. The temporary hit points last 24 hours or until removed by normal damage.

If the cumulative amount of temporary hit points a creature has exceeds the creature’s maximum possible hit point value, it explodes in a burst of positive energy, instantly killing it (as disintegrate, no save). This burst deals 1d6 damage plus another 1d6 for every 10 temporary hit points the target creature was charged with. The blast is a burst centered on the target creature and has a 5 ft. radius plus another 5 ft. for every 5 HD the overcharged creature has. The damage from this can heal and add to the temporary hit point total of any living creature in range. An overcharge burst can trigger other overcharge bursts from creatures in the affected area, leading to a chain reaction and potentially killing many creatures with one initial blast. .

Transform Undead (Su)

When undead of equal to or less than the positive energy-charged creature’s HD is destroyed by a positive-charged undead, it immediately transforms into another positive energy charged creature at its original full hit points. The newly transformed creature is staggered for the first 1d4 rounds after its creature. A transformed undead is not under the control of the positive-charged creature that made it.

Spellcasting: A positive energy-charged creature loses all ability to cast spells, but retains any spell-like abilities of base creature. If it has the summon ability it loses it as well. A positive-energy charged creature has a -20 penalty to concentration due to the constant agony it is in. Any spell-like abilities that require an Intelligence now use the creature’s Charisma score.

Abilities: Wis –8 (minimum 0), Cha +4. A positive-charged creature has no Intelligence and is mindless. Creatures reduced to 0 Wisdom are insane.

Skills: A positive-charged creature maintains all racial bonuses to skills but loses all ranks.

Feats: A positive-charged creature loses all feats but its bonus feats.

Languages: A positive-energy charged creature cannot speak and loses any form of telepathy.

Environment: any except for Negative Energy Plane

Organization: solitary

Treasure: none

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Advanced Bestiary, Copyright 2014, Green Ronin Publishing, LLC; Author Jeff Hersh, Developer Owen K.C. Stephens

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