Plane of Faerie Creature (CR+0 or 1)

Creatures with the Plane of Faerie template live on the Plane of Faerie, and can be summoned using spells such as summon monster, summon nature’s ally, and planar ally. A Plane of Faerie creature’s CR increases by 1 only if the base creature has 5 or more Hit Dice. A Plane of Faerie creature’s quick and rebuild rules are the same.

Rebuild Rules

Type the creature counts as both its base type as well as fey for any effects related to type; Senses gains low-light vision; Defensive Abilities gains DR and energy resistance as noted on the table below, +4 bonus against mind-affecting effects; SR gains SR equal to new CR + 5; Special a Plane of Faerie creature killed while on the Plane of Faerie reappears elsewhere in the Plane of Faerie 1d10 days later as if raised by resurrection, save that the negative level and Constitution drain from that spell cannot force it below 1st level or a Constitution score of 1. At the GM’s option, the creature may be reincarnated (as per reincarnate) instead.

Table: Plane of Faerie Creature Defenses
Hit Dice Resist Cold and Electricity DR
1–4 5
5–10 10 5/cold iron
11+ 15 10/cold iron
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