Mythic-Colour-Blighted Simple Template (CR +1)

A creature with the mythic-colour-blighted simple template appears hideously deformed and glows with the same un-namable color as the creature that blighted it. A mythic colour-blighted creature’s quick and rebuild rules are the same.

Rebuild Rules: A mythic-colour-blighted creature’s ability scores are already drained as a result of being fed upon by a mythic colour out of space, but once a creature gains this template it becomes immune to further feed attacks from colours out of space until it loses the mythic-colour blighted simple template. A Charisma score drained to 0 by a mythic colour out of space’s feed Attack is raised to 1; otherwise, its ability scores are not altered by this template.

In order to remove this simple template from a creature, one only has to restore all of its drained ability scores to normal.

As long as a creature suffers the mythic-colour-blighted template, it radiates an aura of lassitude as described below.

In addition, it becomes aggressive toward creatures that do not exude the colors of a colour out of space and gains a +2 bonus on Attack rolls and weapon damage rolls against such targets. Every 24 hours, a creature suffering from this simple template must succeed at a DC 12 Fortitude save or crumble into fine, white ash—such a doom means instant death and, for many mythic-colour-blighted creatures, the only chance at escape from a life filled with pain.

Aura of Lassitude (Su)

A creature within 30 feet of a mythic-colour-blighted creature must succeed at a Will save (with a DC equal to the mythic-colour out of space’s aura of confusing lassitude) or become overwhelmed with listlessness and ennui. While under this effect, the creature takes a –4 penalty on all Will saving throws and doesn’t willingly travel farther than a mile from the area where it failed its saving throw. A break enchantment spell ends the effect, as does removing the victim from within a mile of the area where it failed its saving throw. Every 24 hours, a creature affected by an aura of lassitude can attempt a new Will save to cast off the effects of the aura. A creature that succeeds at this saving throw is immune to that mythic-colour-blighted creature’s aura of lassitude for 24 hours.

A creature that is under the effects of an aura of lassitude can’t be further affected by this ability from other colours or colour-blighted creatures. This is a mind-affecting effect.

The deepest, strangest parts of space hold truly alien beings—and of those, few are more notorious than the colour out of space. The lack of a physical body does little to impede this deadly alien life form’s ability to cause incredible devastation to other life it encounters. A colour out of space’s life cycle requires periodic visits to the deepest reaches of space for the creature to gestate and grow in the vicinity of powerful gravitational fields (such as those created by planets), and this custom only increases the monster’s opportunities to bring ruin to countless worlds.

The colour out of space is just that—a mobile radiance. Its glow is unlike any seen in nature. The few who encounter one of these creatures and survive sometimes describe the radiance or portrayed it in art as a sinister, green-gray illumination, but these depictions are flawed reproductions.

To witness the colour out of space is to know there are things no humanoid mind can fully comprehend, describe, or explain, but its eeriness brings with it a stifling sense of latent malignancy.

Very little is known about the life cycle of a colour that dwells in the depths of space, for it is only when it comes to a planet to grow and reproduce that other life forms encounter it. A colour’s arrival upon a world is typically via a small meteorite strike—the colour itself infuses a meteoroid, and shortly after the falling star’s arrival, the rock crumbles away to expose the semisolid mass of a larval colour that seeps into the surrounding landscape. Although a colour is incorporeal, and thus able to move through solid objects, it can also exist as a free-floating, eerie radiance.

Natural sunlight doesn’t particularly harm colours out of space, but they prefer to dwell in darkened areas like deep caves or abandoned wells where their own radiance is the only light.

Over the course of several weeks, months, or even years, the colour feeds upon the surrounding plant and animal life—the act of being fed upon is weirdly addictive to its victims, who develop a self-destructive lassitude that prevents them from fleeing the region. When a colour has absorbed enough life to grow to full maturity, it gathers its strength and erupts from its den, coruscating into the sky as it launches the majority of itself back into space.

Sometimes, enough remains of the parent colour to survive on its own, and in these cases the life cycle repeats again and again. Areas blighted by a colour out of space are singularly recognizable, not only for the eerie pallor of local plant life and large swaths of blasted, barren landscape, but also by the presence of those the colour has fed on. These unfortunate, deformed individuals, known as colour-blighted creatures, never live for long, but while they do, their madness often drives them to violent behavior, be they people or beasts.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Mythos Monsters (PF1) © 2022, Legendary Games; Authors Jason Nelson, Jim Groves, Jonathan Keith, Tom Phillips, Alistair J. Rigg, and Greg A. Vaughan

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