Maddened (+0 CR; 3pp)

Maddened” is an acquired template that can be applied to any animal, humanoid, or monstrous humanoid that is not immune to disease, representing an infection with a tainted or imperfect version of the assimilation strain. Rather than causing creatures to become docile and compliant, it instead inflames their emotions and aggressive impulses, causing them to become feral, bloodthirsty, and bestial in their behavior, turning upon their non-infected friends and relatives to devour them or drive them mad as well. Maddened creatures can sometimes maintain a tenuous society, though it teeters always on the brink of disintegration in an orgy of cannibalistic rage and violence.

Creating a Maddened Creature

Challenge Rating: As the base creature +0.

Alignment: Always neutral evil.

Type: The creature’s type does not change, but it gains the augmented subtype.

AC: As the base creature.

Hit Dice: As the base creature.

Saves: As the base creature, but a maddened creature gains a +1 bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting effects for every 2 points of Charisma damage it has taken from the virus. On saves against effects that cause confusion or insanity, the creature takes an equivalent penalty rather than gaining a bonus.

Defensive Abilities: As the base creature. In addition, a maddened creature gains immunity to fear.

Speed: As the base creature.

Attacks: As the base creature.

Special Attacks: A maddened retains any special attacks of the base creature. In addition, it gains the following special attacks:

Bloodthirsty (Ex)

A maddened creature gains a +1 morale bonus on attack and damage rolls against creatures taking bleed damage.

Savagery (Ex)

A maddened creature gains a +2 morale bonus on combat maneuver checks made to bull rush, drag, or overrun.

Abilities: As the base creature.

BAB: As the base creature.

Skills: A maddened creature gains a +4 racial bonus on Intimidate checks.

Feats: As the base creature.

Special Qualities: A maddened creature gains the following special qualities:

Contagious (Ex)

During the first 24 hours of a creature’s infection with the tainted assimilation strain, creatures coming into close contact with the infected creature may contract the virus as well (DC 12 Fort negates). A creature directly exposed to the infected creature’s bodily fluids, such as sharing intimate contact, using a Heal check to deliver first aid or treat deadly wounds on an infected creature, or touching or being touched by an infected creature taking bleed damage, takes a -2 penalty on this saving throw. The duration required for exposure is subject to the GM’s discretion, but creatures in close proximity to an infected creature who are taking precautions to avoid contact or filter their breath may be allowed a +2 circumstance bonus on their saving throw to avoid contracting the disease.

Infected (Su)

A maddened creature is afflicted with a corrupted version of the assimilation strain virus.

When exposed to the tainted virus, a creature becomes infected if it fails a DC 14 Fortitude save. This causes no ill effects for the first 24 hours, during which the creature is contagious (as described above). After 24 hours, the afflicted creature is no longer contagious but begins showing symptoms. Until the disease is cured, the afflicted creature is subject to bouts of maddened behavior when under stress (see Assimilation Madness sidebar on page 315), in addition to the usual effects of the disease.

The signs of the illness are difficult to detect, requiring a DC 20 Heal check during the disease’s onset period, reduced to DC 15 once symptoms begin to manifest.

Assimilation Madnessdisease: type contact; save Fortitude DC 14; onset 1 day; frequency 1/day; effect 1d2 Con damage and 1d2 Cha damage; cure 2 consecutive saves.

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