Ice Elemental (CR +0)[3pp]

Ice elemental is a template used to turn earth elementals into creatures of elemental ice, by making the following changes.

  • Remove the [earth] subtype and Earth Mastery.
  • Ice elementals speak Aquan, and do not speak Terran.
  • Add the [cold] subtype and the special ability “freeze.”

Freeze (Ex)

Those hit by an ice elemental’s slam attacks must succeed as a Reflex save or suffer frostbite. The Reflex save DC is (10 + ice elemental’s hit dice + ice elemental’s Con modifier). Those that fail suffer cold damage equal to the elemental’s slam attack each round for 1d4 rounds. If a heat source is available (such as a torch), as a move action a freezing character can use the heat source to thaw himself and avoid future damage. If an ice elemental strikes a creature that is already freezing, the amount of damage the creature takes each round is not increased, but the duration of the cold damage is extended by +1d4 rounds.

Creatures that hit an ice elemental with natural weapons or melee attacks (other than reach attacks) take freezing damage as though they were hit by the elemental’s slam attack.

Section 15: Copyright Notice – The Genius Guide To: Ice Magic

The Genius Guide To: Ice Magic. Copyright 2010, Super Genius Games. Author: Owen K.C. Stephens
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