Giantkin (CR +1)

Ogres sometimes interbreed with other giants. The result of such crossbreeding is a giantkin ogre, which gains some abilities from its non-ogre parents. In areas where ogre clans live near large populations of giants, interbreeding can be so common that entire ogre clans consist solely of giantkin.

Blessed with the blood of greater giants, giantkin ogres are larger and stronger than their normal ogre relatives and gain abilities from their giant progenitors.

Rebuild Rules

Hit points +10 hit points; Saving Throws +1 racial bonus to all saving throws; Ability Scores +4 Strength, +4 Constitution; Special Attacks rock Throwing (1d6, 90 ft.), Special see below.

Type Special Abilities
Fireblood Resist fire 10
Frostblood Resist cold 10
Hillblood Increase natural armor by 2
Stoneblood Rock catching, rock throwing (1d8, 120 ft.)
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