Fleshwarped Creature (CR +1)

The process of altering creatures or creating new types of monsters through fleshwarping can be very involved. To quickly create a creature transformed by fleshwarping, use the simple template below.

Fleshwarped Creature (CR +1)

These creatures are twisted by fleshwarping, grants horrific abilities by perverting creatures’ original forms. This template can be applied only to corporeal living creatures.

Quick Rules: +2 to AC and CMD; +2 to attack rolls and damage rolls; +2 hp/HD; +2 on rolls based on Str and Dex; –2 on rolls based on Int and Cha; the creature gains a new movement mode (climb, burrow, fly [clumsy], or swim) with a speed of 30 ft.

Rebuild Rules: AC increase natural armor bonus by 2; Movement The creature gains a movement new movement mode (climb, burrow, fly [clumsy], or swim) with a speed of 30 ft.; Ability Scores +4 Str, +4 Con, –4 Int, –4 Cha.

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