Fey-Touched Creature (CR+0 or +1)

Fey-touched creatures are descended from inhabitants of the First World and often possess striking features compared to their normal counterparts, such as bright coloration or a cunning visage. The fey-touched creature’s First World ancestor needn’t be a fey specifically, and even magical beasts, First World gnomes, and other non-fey inhabitants of the fecund, magical plane can produce fey-touched heirs generations after their initial dalliance with residents of other planes. Some fey-touched creatures thus claim to be descended from the legendary Tane and even the godlike Eldest, though these claims are likely unfounded—such claims themselves intentional or accidental manifestations of the creature’s hereditary First World influence.

A fey-touched creature’s CR increases by 1 only if the base creature has 5 or more Hit Dice. The fey-touched creature template can be applied only to living creatures. A fey-touched creature’s quick and rebuild rules are the same. Spellcasters with ties to the fey (such as sorcerers with the fey bloodline) can summon fey-touched creatures with summon monster spells and take fey-touched creatures as improved familiars at 3rd level, similar to selecting celestial or infernal familiars.

Rebuild Rules

Senses The creature gains low-light vision.

Defensive Abilities The creature gains +2 bonus on Will saves and damage reduction as noted on Table: Fey-Touched Creature Defense.

SR The creature gains spell resistance equal to its new CR +5

Special Qualities change shape (a single fixed Small or Medium humanoid form; alter self), woodland stride (as the druid ability).

Table: Fey-Touched Creature Defenses
Hit Dice DR
5–10 5/cold iron
11+ 10/cold iron
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