Eldritch Creature (+1 CR)[3pp]

Creatures with the eldritch template dwell on worlds inimical to sane life or in the dark places between the stars; any resemblance to normal creatures is either cosmic coincidence or a sign of a sinister agenda. Creatures exposed to strange energies or ancient rites might also gain the qualities of the eldritch template.

If a summoned creature would have the fiendish or celestial template, it could instead gain the eldritch template, though the secrets to calling such creatures are usually in the hands of cults and madmen.

Eldritch” is an inherited or acquired template that can be added to any living, corporeal creature. An eldritch creature uses all of the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Challenge Rating: Same as the base creature +1.

Type: The creature gains the chaotic subtype.

Senses: Eldritch creatures retain all of the base creature’s senses and gain darkvision 60 feet (if the base creature already has darkvision, its range is doubled).

Defenses/Qualities: Eldritch creatures retain all of the defensive abilities and special abilities of the base creature and gains spell resistance equal to its new CR +5 as well as energy resistances and damage reduction based on its hit dice.

Table: Alchemical Items
Hit Dice Resist Acid and Cold DR
1 to 4 5
5 to 10 10 5/magic
11 plus 15 10/magic

Horrific Death (Ex)

When an eldritch creature is first reduced to negative hit points, creatures within its reach take 1d6+(creature’s HD) acid damage (no save). While at negative hit points, the creature gains an insight bonus equal to its Charisma modifier on attack rolls and adds a bonus to all damage equal to its hit dice. When it finally dies, the eldritch creature dissolves into a pool of unidentifiable goo.

Ferocity (Ex)

An eldritch creature continues to fight even when reduced to negative hit points.

Voidborn (Ex)

An eldritch creature can exist safely in the void of space or similar hostile conditions.

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