Egregore Master (CR +varies)

An egregore is created by the combined will of a number of cult members equal to its Hit Dice (minimum 13), and can have a maximum number of members in its cult mind equal to its Hit Dice. Each member must be an intelligent, living creature. These cultists pour their collective psychic consciousness into the collaborative creation of the egregore, granting each member a number of advantages.

Creating an egregore involves a ritual lasting 1 day and costing 1,000 gp per Hit Die of the egregore. New creatures can be added to the cult mind only if previous members die or depart (see below).

When a larger cult creates an egregore, it is often considerably more dangerous than standard egregores. Use the following guidelines when creating an egregore master. An egregore master is created by combining the will of a powerful cult leader and his followers. While the minimum number of cultists required for the creation of a normal egregore is 13, the more members willing to surrender to the cult mind and the stronger their belief in the ideals of the leader, the more powerful the resultant being.

Hit Dice: An egregore master always has more Hit Dice than a normal egregore, though after 13 Hit Dice, increasing its Hit Dice by 1 typically requires adding two or more cult members. An egregore master can have a cult of any size (minimum 15).

Challenge Rating: For every 2 Hit Dice over 13 an egregore master possesses, increase its CR by 1.

Size: Once an egregore master reaches 15 Hit Dice, its size increases to Huge; at 20 Hit Dice it becomes Gargantuan, and at 25 or more Hit Dice it becomes Colossal.

Armor Class: An egregore master has a natural armor bonus equal to half its Hit Dice.

Attacks: For every 3 Hit Dice the egregore master possesses beyond 13, it gains one additional light tentacle attack.

Caster Level: An egregore master has a caster level equal to its HD or the caster level of the cult leader, whichever is lower.

Psychic Magic: For every 2 Hit Dice the egregore master possesses above 13, it adds one spell to those it can cast using psychic magic, and its maximum PE increases by an amount equal to the spell’s level. An egregore master can choose a spell from any spell list, but it can’t choose a spell with a level equal to more than half its Hit Dice. Egregore masters typically choose spells that enhance the powers of their cult minds or protect their members. It is very rare for an egregore master to choose offensive spells.

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