Drowblood (CR +1)[3pp]

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A drowblood, also called half-drow, is the results of a sexual or magical union between a dark elf and another creature. The blood of the dark elf fuses with that of the other creature, adding to its abilities rather than weakening both bloodlines, as can occur in other such unions.

Extremely adventurous drow sometimes take the shape of another creature to seek out sexual encounters, and spellcasters occasionally splice drow with other creatures, in hopes of creating better slaves. The most common method of creating a drowblood, however, is through an act of sexual violence. Thus, the birth of a drowblood is rarely a happy occasion, despite the augmented abilities the resulting creature usually displays.

Drowblood run the gamut of personalities, but most are wrathful creatures that hate the poisonous blood in their veins and the world that reviles them. A rare few revel in their close relation to drow, using the power of their birthright to achieve their aims. Some unfortunate drowblood admire the dark elves and try to emulate them in manner and dress— even going so far as to live on the outskirts of drow settlements, in some cases.

Though they do their best to win the approval and acceptance of full-blooded drow, they are almost universally met with ridicule and murderous violence.

A drowblood displays most of the features of its nondrow parent race, but its hair is a shockingly bright white, and its skin is the telltale jet-black shade of a dark elf. Its eyes are bright gems of ruby crimson, and its ears come to at least a subtle point. Drowblood elves are extremely rare, since both races routinely kill such abominations, but those that do survive look just like dark elves and can often infiltrate drow society undetected.

Creating a Drowblood

Drowblood” is an inherited template that can be added to any living, intelligent, corporeal, nondrow creature (referred to hereafter as the base creature). A drowblood uses all the base creature’s abilities and statistics in addition to those noted here.

Challenge Rating: Same as the base creature +1.

Type: The creature gains the elf subtype if the base creature does not already have it.

Senses: A drowblood gains darkvision 60 ft. If the base creature already has darkvision, its range increases by +20 ft. (maximum 120 ft.).

Saving Throws: A drowblood receives a +1 racial bonus on Will saves against spells and spell-like abilities.

Defensive Abilities: A drowblood is immune to sleep and has spell resistance equal to either the base creature’s spell resistance (if any) or 9 + base creature’s total Hit Dice, whichever is higher.

Spell-like Abilities: A drowblood creature gains the following spell-like abilities. Its caster level is equal to its total character level. All saves are Charisma-based.

1/daydancing lights, darkness, faerie fire.

Abilities: Dex +2, Con –2 (minimum 1), Int +2.

Skills: A drowblood gains a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.

Special Qualities: A drowblood gains the following.

Drow Blood (Ex)

Drowblood creatures are considered to be members of the base creature’s race and the drow and elf races for the purpose of racially specific special abilities and effects.

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Advanced Bestiary, Copyright 2014, Green Ronin Publishing, LLC; Author Jeff Hersh, Developer Owen K.C. Stephens

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