Cursed Lord (CR +2)

Cursed lords gain dominion over their lands through evil deeds that result in powerful curses that trap them within their realms. They have all the abilities of dread lords, with the following additions and adjustments.

Challenge Rating: Base creature’s CR + 2.

Defensive Abilities: Cursed lords gain the following.

Immortal Curse (Su)

Even death can’t free a cursed lord from its domain, and cursed lords that are killed return to life 24 hours later.

When a cursed lord is created, a specific condition is determined by the source of the cursed lord’s curse, which must be performed in order for the cursed lord to be permanently slain. The exact means vary with each cursed lord, are difficult but never impossible, and should be created specifically for each cursed lord by the GM.

Examples include disinterring the corpse of the lord’s slain lover and reburying it outside the domain, stealing vast treasures from the lord’s castle and returning them to the poor people they were stolen from, or destroying a dam to set free a river the cursed lord has prevented from flowing through its lands.

Weaknesses: A cursed lord gains the following weakness.

Trapped (Ex)

A cursed lord is unable to leave its domain by any means, and effects such as plane shift, shadow walk, teleport, and even wish fail. If its domain is bordered by dread fog, the mists inevitably guide the cursed lord back to its domain after 1 hour.

Ability Scores: Wisdom –4.

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