Colliatur Monstrosity (CR +2 to CR +7)[3pp]

Though it is supremely rare, sometimes Udødelig’s tailored bacteria don’t help a creature defend against the colloid’s extraterrestrial influence, exacerbating its touch instead. The afflicted victim transforms and mutates into a thing of crystal shards, growing massively in size to as its mind fractures into a thousand irretrievable pieces. Driven by an instinctive hunger, it destroys and absorbs all the life around it before disappearing into the stars above.

Colliatur monstrosity” is an acquired template that can be added to any corporeal living Small or larger creature.

Challenge Rating: Determined by the original size of the base creature: Small +7, Medium +5, Large +4, Huge +3, Gargantuan +2

Size: The base creature’s size changes to Colossal; its space becomes 30 ft. and it gains a +20 ft. bonus to reach.

Type: The base creature gains the augmented subtype.

Armor Class: Size penalty to AC becomes –8 and its natural armor increases by an amount determined by the base creature’s original: Small +20, Medium +16, Large +14, Huge +12, Gargantuan +10. A colliatur monstrosity gains a +8 bonus to CMB and CMD from its Colossal size.

Defenses/Qualities: Increases DR by 7/—. Colliatur monstrosities gain the mighty special ability.

Mighty (Ex)

A colliatur monstrosity is a truly massive creature and can carry double what a normal creature of its statistics otherwise could.

Speed: The base creature’s speed changes to 40 ft.; other speeds (burrow, climb, fly, or swim) increase by an amount determined by the base creature’s original size: Small +50 ft.; Medium +40 ft.; Large +30 ft.; Huge +20 ft; Gargantuan +10 ft.

Attacks: A colliatur monstrosity takes a –8 size penalty to all attack rolls from its Colossal size but retains all of the base creature’s attacks.

Special Attacks: In addition to all of the base creature’s special attacks, colliatur monstrosities gain the crystalline armageddon, magnitude, soul destruction, and trample abilities. Creatures with a bite attack also gain the fast swallow, grab (for its bite only), and swallow whole abilities.

Crystalline Armageddon (Su)

The souls absorbed within a colliatur monstrosity escape from its corpse with explosive force the instant the creature dies. When a colliatur monstrosity is reduced to 0 hit points all creatures and unattended objects within a 100-ft.-radius take 1d8 x the colliatur monstrosity’s hit dice in nonlethal damage. A successful Reflex save (DC 10 + ½ the colliatur monstrosity’s HD + the colliatur monstrosity’s Constitution modifier) halves this damage.

Magnitude (Su)

A colliatur monstrosity causes the ground to quake beneath its very feet with every step. Any creature in or adjacent to a square a colliatur monstrosity travels into or through must make a Reflex save equal to 10 + the colliatur monstrosity’s HD or be knocked prone. In addition, as a standard action a colliatur monstrosity can stomp the ground and extend this effect to all creatures in a 60-ft.-radius.

Soul Destruction (Su)

An instinctive and overwhelming hunger drives a colliatur monstrosity to end the lives of all creatures it encounters, taking their essences to increase in power. Any creature that dies within a 100-ft.-radius of a colliatur monstrosity makes a Will save (DC 10 + ½ the colliatur monstrosity’s HD) or its soul is formed into one of thousands of crystals along the colliatur monstrosity. When a colliatur monstrosity absorbs a number of souls equal to its hit dice x 10, it gains a fly speed of 60 ft. (clumsy) and the starflight monster ability, taking off into space at the first opportunity. A colliatur monstrosity slain before it can leave the planet releases all of the souls absorbed within it.

Spell-Like Abilities: Colliatur monstrosities gain the following spell-like abilities twice per day, using hit dice for caster level and its highest mental attribute to determine saving throw DCs: alien surge, alien surge (greater), crystal explosion, crystal expulsion.

Ability Score Modifiers: A colliatur monstrosity’s attribute scores change by an amount determined by the base creature’s original size. These changes include the adjustments for the creature’s increased size.

Small: Str +36, Dex –8 (min 1), Con +16, Int –4 (min 1) Medium: Str +28, Dex –6 (min 1), Con +12, Int –4 (min 1) Large: Str +20, Dex –4 (min 1), Con +10, Int –4 (min 1) Huge: Str +16, Dex –2 (min 1), Con +8, Int –4 (min 1) Gargantuan: Str +8, Con +6, Int –4 (min 1)

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