Bestial Creature (CR +0)

This template only affects humanoids, and does not affect humanoids with the wild empathy class feature.

Humanoids afflicted with this template gain traits of a random wild animal from the waist up, appearing much like a lycanthrope in hybrid form. Common animal forms include those of a bear, boar, dog, lion, or wolf.

Humanoids with the bestial simple template are more resilient and develop rudimentary natural attacks, but the transformation dulls the mind and gives those affected a brutish demeanor.

Rebuild Rules:

AC increase natural armor by +1; Attacks gain 2 claw attacks and 1 bite attack dealing damage as though the creature were one size category smaller (Medium creatures deal 1d3 points of claw damage and 1d4 points of bite damage, Small creatures deal 1d2 points of claw damage and 1d3 points of bite damage; all three attacks are considered primary attacks); Ability Scores +2 bonus to Con, –2 Int damage, –2 Cha damage.

At the start of each day, a bestial creature takes an additional 2 points of Int and Cha damage to a minimum of 2; a bestial creature whose Int or Cha reaches 2 cannot remove the template except with a break enchantment spell, and all ability damage becomes permanent.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Society Scenario #3–05: Tide of Twilight © 2011, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Author: Ron Lundeen.

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