Agathion Invested (CR +2-3)[3pp]

Walking the line between order for the greater good and freedom of self-determination, the animal-like agathions often find the need to join with a mortal agent to achieve their goals—or just to help spread goodness throughout the world. By finding a willing mortal, an agathion can invest the being with some of its power by inhabiting the mortal creature in return for the mortal’s completing the agathion’s desired task.

An agathion-invested creature has a dual nature, the mortal and the celestial, and can switch between the two as needed. Unlike most of the other celestials, an agathion is not above striking a bargain with mortals who haven’t chosen a side between good and evil, hoping that its presence moves them towards good. An agathion-invested creature looks the same as before, but its eyes are of the agathion residing within it.

Creating an Agathion-Invested Creature

Agathion-Invested” is an acquired template that can be added to any living non-evil creature that willingly agrees to the agathion’s inhabiting presence (hereafter referred to the base creature). The creature retains all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Challenge Rating: As base creature +2; +3 for draconal or cetaceal-invested.

Type: An agathion-invested creature gains the good and shapechanger subtypes.

Alignment: Any non-evil. If the agathion-invested creature ever becomes evil, it loses this template, as the agathion abandons it.

Defensive Abilities: An agathion-invested creature gains a +4 sacred bonus on saves vs. poison and petrification and gains electricity resistance 20.

Weaknesses: An agathion-invested creature gains the following weakness.

Spell Vulnerability (Ex)

Certain powerful spells have special additional effects against agathion-invested creatures.

An agathion-invested creature subjected to a dismissal or dispel good spell must succeed on a Will saving throw or lose all modification bestowed by this template for a number of rounds equal to the opponent’s caster level.

An agathion-invested creature subjected to a banishment spell must succeed as on a Will save or lose the template. The agathion that invested the creature is sent back to its plane of origin and cannot attempt to invest the same creature for a year and a day.

While not a lycanthrope, spells and effects that specifically target lycanthropes can affect an agathion-invested creature.

Special Attacks: An agathion-invested creature gains the following special attacks:

Sacred Attacks (Su)

Each of an agathion-invested creature’s melee attacks with a natural or manufactured weapon deals +1d6 points of extra damage to creatures of evil alignment. All of its natural and manufactured weapons are considered as magic and good-aligned for overcoming damage reduction.

Spell-like Abilities: The creature gains the following spell-like abilities, depending on the kind of agathion that has invested it. The creature uses its Hit Dice or caster level, whichever is higher, as the caster level for its spell-like abilities. Save DCs are based on the creature’s Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma, whichever is highest.

Abilities: An agathion-invested creature’s ability scores change from the base creature according to the kind of agathion as stated on Table 2-1.

Special Qualities: An agathion-invested creature gains the following.

Agathion Form (Su)

At will, an agathion-invested creature can take the form of the agathion that invested it as a full-round action. This ability functions as a lycanthrope’s change shape ability spell but with no hybrid form and the following modifications.

In agathion form, the-invested creature’s type changes to outsider with the appropriate augmented and native subtypes. It gains an additional +4 racial bonus to Perception, low-light vision, and the truespeech ability of agathions.

Additionally, an agathion-invested creature gains the movement rates, physical ability scores of the agathion, and additional abilities when in agathion form depending on the agathion inhabiting it (see Table 2-2).

A draconal-invested creature’s breath weapon and immunity are of a single energy type which is the same energy types as the draconal gracing the base creature possesses. The damage done is equal to 1d6 plus one additional 1d6 for every 2 Hit Dice the base creature possesses (10d6 maximum) and allows a Reflex save for half damage. The save DC is Charisma-based.

The damage for the leonal-invested rake attack is equal to the damage from its claw natural attack.

An agathion-invested creature can remain in agathion form for a number of rounds per day equal to its Charisma score (minimum 1). This is a polymorph effect and does not need to be used consecutively.

Table 2-1: Agathion-Invested Abilities
Agathion Spells Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Avoral 3/day—gust of wind, speak with animals; 1/day—lightning bolt +4 +2
Cetaceal 3/day—neutralize poison, remove disease, shocking grasp; 1/day—cone of cold +4 +2
Draconal 3/day—command, hold monster; 1/day—heal +4 to one ability score, +2 to any other ability score
Leonal 3/day—hold monster, wall of force +4 +2
Silvanshee At will—speak with animals; 3/day—dancing lights, magic missile +4 +2
Vulpinal 3/day—mage armor, invisibility (self only) 1/day—holy smite +4 +2
Table 2-2: Agathion Form Abilities
Agathion Abilities
Avoral 1/day—true seeing, blur (self only), additional +4 racial bonus to Perception
Cetaceal Aquatic subtype, amphibious, blindsense 60 ft.
Draconal Breath weapon (30-ft. line, 1/day), Immune to energy type of breath weapon
Leonal Pounce, grab (claws), rake (2 claws) Silvanshee Lay on hands (1d6, 1/day), pounce, additional +4 racial bonus to Perception and Stealth, Weapon Finesse as bonus feat
Vulpinal Lay on hands (1d6, 1/day), pounce, +4 racial bonus to Acrobatics to jump

Inhabited (Su)

Each agathion-invested creature is inhabited by a specific agathion. The agathion can neither control the inhabited creature nor read its mind, and it perceives only what the inhabited creature does.

The agathion is in constant telepathic communication with the inhabited creature, imparting its thoughts and desires regardless of language. To gain the inhabited creature’s cooperation, the agathion usually offers telepathic suggestions that it thinks the creature might find appealing.

While inhabiting another creature, the agathion does not have access to any of its supernatural, spell-like, or extraordinary abilities. It cannot cast spells or take any mental actions beyond thinking and using Intelligence-based skills. It cannot be targeted by any spell or effect (Except as described under spell vulnerability), but it can be detected normally by divination spells.

Damage that harms the inhabited creature does not harm the inhabiting agathion. If the inhabited creature dies, the agathion appears in its square.

The agathion can exit the inhabited creature at any time as a standard action. When it does so, it appears in the nearest available open space. The agathion can reenter the base creature as a standard action as long they are within 10 feet of each other, and it does not require further permission from the base creature to do so.

While separated, the base creature loses the benefits of this template. If the base creature and agathion are separated for more than a day, the base creature permanently loses the template. The agathion can re-invest itself in the same creature, but the base creature needs to agree once again.

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