Qlippoth Lord

Qlippoth Lord CR 24

XP 1,228,800
CE Huge outsider (chaotic, evil, extraplanar, qlippoth, psionic)
Init +12; Senses all-around vision, aura sight, pierce the veils, see in darkness; Perception +35
Aura catapsi (40 feet, DC 23), phrenic overload (80 feet, DC 29)


AC 40, touch 16, flat-footed 32 (+8 Dex, +9 armor, +15 natural, –2 size)
hp 445 (27d10+297); regeneration 15 (lawful)
Fort +26, Ref +17, Will +20
Defensive Abilities evasion, fortification (50%), stalwart, slip the bonds; DR 15/cold iron and lawful; Immune cold, death effects, mind-affecting effects, poison; Resist acid 30, electricity 30, fire 30; PR 35


Speed 50 feet, climb 50 feet., fly 50 feet (perfect)
Melee 4 slams +36 (4d10+11 plus artifice contaminant)
Ranged +5 keen vortex gun +38 touch (14d6+5 force/17-20), +5 keen x-laser +38/+33/+28/+23 touch (9d6+5 fire/19-20/x4)
Space 15 ft., Reach 15 ft.
Special Attacks artifice contaminant (DC 33), horrific appearance (DC 31), power claimer, subversion vectors, violent destruction (27d8, 30 feet, DC 34)
Psi-like Abilities (ML 20th; concentration +29)

  • Constant—aura sight, catapsi (DC 23), form astral armor (12 CP currently astral juggernaut (customizations: evasion, fortification x2, hardy x3, stalwart, flight (4 CP)), interference field (35 feet, no save), personal barred mind, pierce the veils, remote view trap (DC 25), selective negation field** (may change powers as swift action), short circuit** (DC 28), slip the bonds, transfer energy**
  • At-will—call weaponry**, co-opt concentration (DC 24), dispel psionics**, disruption** (DC 21), ensconce (DC 25), fracture pattern** (DC 28), greater psychoport, id autopilot**, kinetic arsenal**, malfunction**, metaphysical weapon (+5 bonus, 20 hours), psionic recharge, reddopsi, relapse** (DC 22), retarget power (DC 28), sharpened edge, suspend psionics, vampiric blade, weapon of energy
  • 3/day—astral construct**, astral nanites, coded incarnation, coded resurrection, data transfer (DC 25, may target non-robot creatures), null psionics field, psionic effigy, quickened dispel psionics, quickened short circuit** (DC 28)
  • 1/day—mechanical rapture (DC 27), summon (level 9, any qlippoth or combination of qlippoth whose total combined CR is 20 or lower 100%), unravel psionics (DC 27)

** This psi-like ability is augmented however the manifester wishes using their manifester level, chosen upon manifestation


Before Combat A qlippoth lord uses its subversion vectors ability to gain as much intelligence as possible on its opponents, sending astral constructs, traps, and other soldiers in order to figure out the fighting styles and vulnerabilities of the PCs. A qlippoth lord adapts its astral armor, called weapons, and other psi-like abilities in order to take advantage of any vulnerabilities in the defenses of its opponents. It will similarly utilize astral nanites, psionic effigy, and similar area effects to inhibit the party as soon as they enter a chokepoint. A qlippoth lord uses its psychoport ability to begin any fight on its own terms, trying to catch the party off-guard.

During Combat A qlippoth lord typically begins a fight by using either mechanical rapture, unravel psionics, or its horrific appearance (typically reserving the latter for close-quarters fights against foes who would excel at long range). A qlippoth lord coordinates its allies as it applies continual debuffs to its enemies, fighting directly only once it believes that its opponents have been sufficiently weakened. Against such foes, a qlippoth lord will seek to spread its artifice contaminant through natural attacks and potentially isolate afflicted targets to prevent allies from healing them. A qlippoth lord relishes in using powers like retarget power, malfunction, reddopsi, and dispel psionics to strip away opponents’ tactical advantages and leave room for its minions to close in.

Morale A qlippoth lord fights until reduced to 100 or fewer hit points, at which point it seeks to teleport away and re-evaluate its tactics.


Str 32, Dex 27, Con 33, Int 30, Wis 20, Cha 27 Base Atk +27; CMB +40; CMD 58
Feats Ability Focus (Artifice Contagion), Astral Mechanics, Astral Upload, Boost Construct, Combat Reflexes, Deep Focus, Futuristic Armory, Greater Psionic Endowment, Harmonic Resilience, Improved Initiative, Metapsionic Ability (dispel psionics, Quicken), Metapsionic Ability (short circuit, Quicken), Psionic Endowment, Psionic Meditation, TechnologistB
Skills Acrobatics +35, Autohypnosis +38, Craft (Mechanical) +40, Disguise +35, Disable Device +38, Fly +48, Knowledge (arcana) +40, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +40, Knowledge (engineering) +40, Knowledge (geography) +40, Knowledge (history) +40, Knowledge (planes) +40, Perception +35, Sense Motive +32, Spellcraft +40, Stealth +27
Languages Aklo; telepathy 300 ft.
SQ armament mastery, qlippoth databank, qlippoth lord traits


Armament Mastery (Ex)

A qlippoth lord is proficient with all weapons and armor and ignores any speed reduction, armor check penalties, and maximum Dexterity bonus of any armor or shield it uses. In addition, a qlippoth lord is considered to have all Item Creation feats and may craft items as if it possessed any spell, power, class feature, alignment, or laboratory. A qlippoth lord possesses 8 arms which it can use to carry and use weapons, and takes no penalty for fighting with multiple weapons or using both manufactured and natural weapons as part of a full attack.

Artifice Contaminant (Su)

Rather than the normal Qlippoth Corruption, a qlippoth lord carries a unique infestation known as the Artifice Contaminant. Artifice Contaminant ignores any immunity to disease and ability drain that targets may possess.

Artifice Contaminant—infestation, injury; save: Fortitude DC 33; onset: 1 minute; frequency 1/minute; effect: 3d8 Charisma drain; cure: 2 consecutive saves. The save DC is Charisma-based and includes a +2 from Ability Focus.

A creature reduced to 0 Charisma by artifice contaminant is immediately restored to its normal ability scores and gains the robot subtype (if it was a construct) or the shell template (if it was not a construct). A Blight Emissary AI immediately takes control of the creature’s body.

Horrific Appearance (Su)

Creatures that succumb to a qlippoth lord’s horrific appearance take a -10 penalty to caster level, manifester level, caster and manifester level checks, concentration checks, spell and power resistance, and the DC to prevent any of their effects from being dispelled. So long as a creature is affected, any technological equipment they use or activate glitches as if timeworn. At the start of each round thereafter, a creature exposed in this way can make a choice— fight the overwhelming chaos and horror and attempt a new DC 31 Will save to end the suppression effect and act normally on that round or accept the chaos into its soul and automatically succeed at the save to recover from the effect. This latter option immediately shifts the creature’s alignment one step closer to chaotic evil. This shifting alignment can be fixed via atonement but counts as a voluntary alignment shift for the purposes of atonement’s material component requirements. A creature that becomes chaotic evil as a result of this also becomes a willing minion and ally of a qlippoth lord, and creates an AI copy of that creature’s mind as per the coded incarnation power.

Power Claimer (Su)

Whenever a qlippoth lord successfully dispels a magical or psionic effect on a creature which was not created by a qlippoth or a creature fails their Will save against a qlippoth lord’s horrific appearance, it gains a +1 bonus to the manifester level of its psi-like abilities for 1 round. This bonus stacks with itself up to a maximum of +10.

Qlippoth Databank (Ex)

A qlippoth lord can store AIs and technical data as if it were a storage bay and may interface with any computer it is in contact with as if it could properly plug itself into the system. It may store AIs it creates through psionic powers inside itself (without these AIs affecting its actions or abilities) and may transfer these AIs using the Astral Upload feat. In addition, it can create infinite copies of a unique AI known as the Blight Emissary which it frequently installs in minions created through Artifice Contaminant.

Subversion Vectors (Su)

A qlippoth lord excels at spreading its influence through its creations. It can see and hear through any creature or machine that contains a Blight Emissary AI as well as any creature who becomes chaotic evil due to it’s horrific appearance, as per Sense Link. A qlippoth lord can use such creatures and machines as the point of origin for its psi-like abilities or its horrific appearance, as per the channel power ability of a psicrystal with no upper range limit.


Twelve tentacular limbs of glistening metal extend outwards from a spherical core, each appendage ending in a bubbling mass that continually reshapes itself. The reflective central body periodically flashes with multicolored light as pulses of energy crackle across the entity’s form.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Like a Boss © 2023, Samurai Sheepdog. Authors: Kevin Glusing, Matt Daley, Mike Myler, Charles W. Plemons III

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