Manasaputra, Solar Pitri

This massive, red-skinned creature surges with roiling waves of brilliant fire.

Solar Pitri (Agnishvatta) CR 22/MR 8

XP 307,200
LG Large outsider (extraplanar, good, lawful, manasaputra, mythic)
Init +19/–1; Senses darkvision 60 ft. true seeing; Perception +35; Aura cosmic fire (60 ft., DC 35)


AC 41, touch 41, flat-footed 32 (+8 deflection, +7 Dex, +2 dodge, –1 size, +15 soul armor)
hp 404 (24d10+272)
Fort +16, Ref +21, Will +23; +2 vs. enchantment
DR 10/epic; Immune calling, disease, poison; Resist adaptive 30; SR 33


Speed 30 ft., fly 60 ft. (perfect)
Melee 4 slams +35 (3d6+12/19–20)
Ranged 4 disintegration rays +30 touch (10d6)
Special Attacks disintegration rays, mythic power (8/day, surge +1d10), radiant transformation (DC 30)
Psychic Magic (CL 20th; concentration +29; Wisdom-based)

36 PEawaken construct (6 PE, DC 25), divide mind (9 PE), ego whip V (7 PE, DC 26), greater create mindscape (6 PE, DC 25), mindscape door (5 PE, DC 24), retrocognition (5 PE)

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 20th; concentration +29; Wisdom-based)

Constanttrue seeing
At willgreater teleport (self only), plane shiftM (self only)
1/daymiracle (DC 28), true resurrection, wish M (DC 28)

Mmythic spell-like ability


Str 35, Dex 25, Con 26, Int 24, Wis 28, Cha 27
Base Atk +24; CMB +37; CMD 79
Feats Blind-FightM, Blinding Critical, Combat ExpertiseM, Critical FocusM, DodgeM, Improved Critical (slam), Improved Initiative, Mobility, Power Attack, Spring Attack, Whirlwind Attack, Wind Stance
Skills Acrobatics +30, Bluff +34, Diplomacy +34, Fly +39, Intimidate +34, Knowledge (any one) +30, Knowledge (arcana) +27, Knowledge (history, planes) +33, Knowledge (local) +29, Knowledge (religion) +30, Perception +35, Sense Motive +35, Use Magic Device +31
Languages Aklo, Celestial, Common, Draconic; telepathy 100 ft.
SQ formless, mythic spell-like abilities, positive energy affinity, subjective appearance, unending


Cosmic Fire Aura (Su)

Non-manasaputras that end their turn within 60 feet of a solar pitri take 5d6 points of fire damage and 5d6 points of positive energy damage. This positive energy does not harm creatures not normally damaged by positive energy, but doesn’t heal them either.

A mythic creature that succeeds at a DC 31 Will save takes half damage. An undead creature with HD less than half of the solar pitri’s that ends its turn within the solar pitri’s cosmic fire aura is automatically destroyed. Mythic undead that succeed at their Will saves are not destroyed, but must succeed at new will saves each round they remain within the aura. Manus, rishi manus, and maharishi manus that are slain within the cosmic fire aura return to life as if affected by true resurrection at the beginning of their next turns, so long as the solar pitri remains alive and its aura remains present at the location of the manasaputra’s death at that time. The save DC is Wisdom-based.

Disintegration Rays (Su)

A solar pitri can produce magical rays, each with a range of 100 feet. The solar pitri can shoot a single ray as an attack action or up to four rays as a full-attack action. Firing a ray doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity. Each ray deals 10d6 points of damage.

Creatures reduced to 0 hit points by a ray are slain instantly and reduced to ash.

Mythic Spell-Like Abilities (Ex)

A solar pitri can expend uses of mythic power to use the mythic version of plane shift or wish as if the ability were a mythic spell.

Radiant Transformation (Su)

When a solar pitri takes a move action to become incorporeal, it explodes in a burst of blinding light. All non-manasaputras within line of sight are permanently blinded. Mythic creatures that succeed at a DC 31 Reflex save are not affected. The save DC is Wisdom-based.

Unending (Su)

When a solar pitri is slain by a non-mythic source, it returns to life 24 hours later at the heart of the Positive Energy Plane.


Environment any (Positive Energy Plane)
Organization solitary
Treasure standard

Nearly perfect in form, action, and thought, solar pitris are revered as godlike creatures, and possess souls on fire with the radiance of creation and reincarnation. Solar pitris are in some ways alien to mortal reality, yet strongly in tune with it by way of the cycle of reincarnation. Each solar pitri is the embodiment of a soul that lived thousands— if not millions—of incarnations in at least one other multiverse that existed prior to the creation of the current one. Final expressions of enlightenment, these incredibly powerful entities have guided the development of all life for countless eons. Solar pitris possess singular focus on the development of the entire multiverse and all its creatures—some say even of deities themselves—guiding events down a course that leads like a descending spiral to another cycle of reincarnation at the eventual end of the current multiverse and creation of the next.

Some occult scholars contend that there are only seven solar pitris, and that they are the seven kumaras. Others believe that the numbers of these creatures range in the hundreds, thousands, or even millions, but that the majority of the solar pitris rest in still and silent meditation at the heart of the Positive Energy Plane, never venturing out into the vastness of the Astral Plane or other corners of the multiverse. Such sages insist that the intensity of their contemplation and meditation is the underlying fuel for the progression of souls, the expansion of space, and the flow of time. Some even go so far as to credit the solar pitris with the creation of the Cosmic Fire in the first place, though like all theories about the manasaputras in general and the kumaras in particular, the details are the subjects of heated debate and very little concrete evidence.

All the various camps of esoteric thought agree that seven of these creatures are known as the kumaras, and that they are the only solar pitris who have interacted with creatures that are not other manasaputras. Scholars generally believe that the solar pitris serve as masters to a number of twilight pitris, and sometimes even various manus, but the exact relationships seem to have a degree of fluidity—as some esoteric texts insist that this group of manasaputras serve Ksathras, the Dominion, while others claim the same group or members of that group serve Ameuritati, the First Immortal. Many of these contradictions stem from transcription mistakes in ancient texts or issues with the variety of spellings or even names by which some kumaras are known, but others can be explained only by shifts in the structure of the manasaputra caste system over the eons.

The lore regarding the relationship between the solar pitris and mortal races is less muddled. Most stories relate that at the dawn of creation, solar pitris took pity on misguided mortals, who were confused by the teachings and guidance given to them by the twilight pitris. The twilight pitris’ nurturing led to overly rational mortals who lacked the compassion and empathy necessary for true enlightenment.

The solar pitris intervened, and granted those wayward mortals a favored place in the cycle of cosmic reincarnation.

Scholars speculate that this act on the part of the solar pitris was the first step that led to the evolution of samsarans, though many samsarans deny this story, instead insisting that they are early forms of what will later become the next wave of manasaputras.

Because of their unfathomably ancient minds and farreaching plans, solar pitris rarely interact with other creatures.

They must restrain their power, lest their very presence prove deadly to other living beings. Solar pitris are creatures of fire, and even witnessing a solar pitri shifting from corporeality to incorporeality from afar can blind mortals. Creatures that come close to a solar pitri are scorched by the outsider’s boundless, radiant energies. Adherents of some cults attempt such approaches regardless of the danger, believing that even if they burn to death, their souls will be purified by the solar pitri’s presence. Most of what is known about solar pitris comes from the teachings handed down to mortals by lesser manasaputras, the traditions of those samsarans who believe that they are connected to manasaputras (or even that they are some early form of manu), the often wild and fanciful speculation of occult thinkers, the feverish dreams of eccentric mystics, and the few legitimate historical accounts of the various kumaras leaving their contemplation within the Cosmic Fire and interacting with mortals. But even then, only monumental events such as mass extinctions of whole worlds, the death of gods, the eradication of an entire intelligent species, or other reality-shaking events draw solar pitris’ attention. Otherwise, their time is spent pondering unknowable truths and guiding other manasaputras from deep within the heart of the Positive Energy Plane.

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