Elemental, Fire

This creature looks like a living, mobile bonfire, tongues of flame reaching out in search of things to burn.


Burn (Ex)

A fire elemental deals fire damage in addition to damage dealt on a successful hit in melee. Those affected by the burn ability must also succeed on a Reflex save or catch fire, taking the listed damage for an additional 1d4 rounds at the start of its turn. A burning creature can attempt a new save as a full-round action. Dropping and rolling on the ground grants a +4 bonus on this save. Creatures that hit a burning creature with natural weapons or unarmed attacks take fire damage as though hit by the burning creature and must make a Reflex save to avoid catching on fire (see Burn universal monster ability for complete details.)

Elemental Size Category Height Weight Burn DC Burn Damage
Small Small 4 ft. 1 lb. 11 1d4
Medium Medium 8 ft. 2 lbs. 14 1d6
Large Large 16 ft. 4 lbs. 16 1d8
Huge Huge 32 ft. 8 lbs. 18 2d6
Greater Huge 32 ft. 8 lbs. 20 2d8
Elder Huge 32 ft. 8 lbs. 22 2d10


Environment any (Plane of Fire)
solitary, pair, or gang (3–8)

Fire elementals are quick, cruel creatures of living flame. They enjoy frightening beings weaker than themselves, and terrorizing any creature they can set on fire.

A fire elemental cannot enter water or any other nonflammable liquid. A body of water is an impassible barrier unless the fire elemental can step or jump over it or the water is covered with a flammable material (such as a layer of oil).

Fire elementals vary in appearance—they usually manifest as coiling serpentine forms made of smoke and flame, but some fire elementals take on shapes more akin to humans, demons, or other monsters in order to increase the terror of their sudden appearance. Features on a fire elemental’s body are made by darker bits of flame or patches of semi-stable smoke, ash, and cinders.

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