Angel, Fallen Solar

This towering humanoid creature has shining topaz eyes, metallic skin, and three pairs of bloody stumps where wings were severed.

Fallen Solar Angel CR 23

XP 820,000
Combat (soldier)
N Large outsider (angel, extraplanar, good)
Init +4; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +26


AC 40, touch 13, flat-footed 36 (+14 armor, +4 Dex, +13 natural, -1 size; +4 deflection vs. evil)
hp 494 (23d10+368); regeneration 15 (evil artifacts, effects, and spells)
Fort +29, Ref +17, Will +18; +4 vs. poison, +4 resistance vs. evil
Defensive Abilities ferocity; DR 15/evil and epic; Immune acid, cold, petrification, Resist electricity 10, fire 10; SR 34


Speed 50 ft. (35 ft. in armor)
Melee +5 dancing greatsword +38/+33/+28/+23 (3d6+21/17-20) or slam +33 (2d8+16)
Ranged +5 mighty composite longbow (+11 Str bonus) +31/+26/+21/+16 (2d6+16/19-20/x3 plus greater slaying arrow)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
Special Attacksblood rage (+4 Strength and Constitution, free action), greater slaying arrows


Str 33, Dex 18, Con 43, Int 18, Wis 20, Cha 23
Base Atk +23; CMB +35; CMD 49
Feats Cleave, Critical Focus, Deadly Aim, Improved Critical (greatsword), Improved Critical (longbow), Improved Sunder, Manyshot, Point-Blank Shot, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Rapid Shot, Stunning Critical
Skills Acrobatics +30, Climb +26, Craft (any one) +30, Diplomacy +29, Heal +31, Intimidate +32, Knowledge (planes, religion) +17, Perception +26, Sense Motive +18
Languages Celestial, Common, Draconic, Infernal; truespeech
SQ change shape (alter self), uncanny dodge


Ferocity (Ex)

The fallen solar can fight on through pain and death. When reduced to below 0 hit points, he remains conscious and can continue to act (although he is staggered and loses 1 hp each round). If he takes damage or is the target of a spell that causes his death, he remains alive for 1 round and can act normally (he is not staggered for this final round).

Greater Slaying Arrows

A fallen solar’s bow needs no ammunition, and automatically creates a greater slaying arrow of the fallen solar’s choice when drawn.


Environment any
Organization solitary or pair
Treasure double (+5 full plate, +5 dancing greatsword, +5 mighty composite longbow [+11 Str bonus])

Even the greatest of angels can fall from grace. Some tire of the endless battles against evil, some disobey a direct order from the gods, and others wish to forge their own destiny. The fallen solar’s wings are severed, either voluntarily or as punishment. Stripped of their grace and divine power, they find a gaping spiritual void. Most fill the hole with anger or depression, but some seek to pursue individual desires when freed from an eternal mission. A fallen solar stands 9 feet tall and weighs 500 pounds.

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