This hairy humanoid has the face of a demonic goat with legs to match. A long tongue hangs out of its fanged mouth.

Krampus CR 21

XP 409,600
NE Large monstrous humanoid
Init +13; Senses scent, see in darkness, see invisibility, storm sight; Perception +33
Aura frightful presence (120 ft., DC 32)


AC 37, touch 19, flat-footed 27 (+9 Dex, +1 dodge, +18 natural, –1 size)
hp 396 (24d10+264); fast healing 15
Fort +19, Ref +23, Will +20
Defensive Abilities limited immortality; DR 15/epic and good; Immune ability damage, ability drain, aging, cold, death effects, disease, energy drain, fear effects, paralysis; SR 32


Speed 60 ft., air walk
Melee +3 spiked chain +39/+34/+29/+24 (2d6+16/19–20 plus grab), claw +31 (1d10+6 plus grab), gore +31 (2d8+6) or 2 claws +36 (1d10+13), gore +36 (2d8+13)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft. (20 ft. with chain)
Special Attacks capture, punish the naughty, regression
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 20th; concentration +30)

Constantair walk, see invisibility, tongues
At willbestow curse (DC 24), control weather, dimension door, discern location, ice storm, sleet storm
3/dayanimate objects, baleful polymorph (DC 25), phantasmal killer (DC 24)
1/daypolymorph any object (DC 28), sympathy (DC 28), weird (DC 29), wish (to other creatures only)


Str 36, Dex 28, Con 33, Int 21, Wis 23, Cha 30
Base Atk +24; CMB +38 (+42 drag or grapple); CMD 58 (60 vs. drag)
Feats Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Greater Drag, Greater Vital Strike, Improved Critical (chain), Improved Drag, Improved Initiative, Improved Vital Strike, Mobility, Power Attack, Vital Strike
Skills Acrobatics +33, Intimidate +37, Knowledge (geography, nobility) +17, Knowledge (local) +29, Perception +33, Sense Motive +30, Stealth +32, Survival +33, Use Magic Device +34
Languages Common; tongues
SQ mystical chains, snowstep


Capture (Su)

If Krampus begins its turn grappling a Medium or smaller creature, it can stuff the target into its bag as a swift action that doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity. A creature stuffed into this bag is subjected to Krampus’s regression ability (see below). A creature in the bag can try to cut its way free with any light slashing weapon. The bag has AC 25, hardness 20, and 30 hit points. If a creature cuts its way out of the bag, Krampus can repair the bag as a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity. Until then, any creature stuffed into the bag is still subjected to the regression ability but can escape with a move action that provokes an attack of opportunity from Krampus. The bag has other special qualities while in Krampus’s possession. The weight of creatures in the bag doesn’t count against Krampus’s carrying capacity. Up to four Small creatures or two Medium creatures can fit in the bag at a time.

If used by any creature other than Krampus, the container functions as a mundane sack. If Krampus’s bag is lost or destroyed, it can create a new bag with 1 hour of work.

Limited Immortality (Su)

Though Krampus still needs to eat, drink, and sleep, it doesn’t age and can’t die of old age.

If Krampus is killed, a new Krampus forms elsewhere in the world after a year’s time—this new Krampus retains the memories of the previous Krampus and likely holds a grudge against the person who killed it the year before. If a method to disrupt this cycle exists, it has yet to be discovered by mortals.

Mystical Chains (Su)

Krampus’s chains function as a +3 spiked chain and also count as an evil weapon for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. These chains become non-magical if Krampus does not carry or wield them, and if a chain is disarmed or destroyed, Krampus can create a new set of chains as a standard action. The chains react almost as a living extension of Krampus’s will and have the grab ability.

Punish the Naughty (Su)

As a swift action, Krampus can designate a single target it can see as being “naughty.” The target must be a child, a creature with the young template, or a victim of Krampus’s regression ability. Against that target, Krampus gains a +5 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls and Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks. These bonuses remain in effect until the target is dead or Krampus designates another target as naughty.

Regression (Su)

Each round a creature begins its turn stuffed into Krampus’s bag, it must succeed at a DC 32 Fortitude saving throw or be regressed back to its childhood. The creature is affected in size as if via reduce person, but none of the target’s gear changes size. This effect persists for 24 hours, after which the target regains its original size. A creature currently under the effects of regression cannot be further affected by this ability. This is a curse effect. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Snowstep (Su)

Krampus is constantly under the effects of a pass without trace spell, but only in snowy environments.

Storm Sight (Ex)

Krampus can see perfectly well in stormy conditions, including in blizzards; it does not take any penalties on Perception checks while in snow.


Environment any
Organization solitary (unique)
Treasure triple

In frigid northern climes, celebrations and festivals are important to maintain a community’s morale, especially in the winter months when food is scarce and the days are short. Many of these holidays involve lighting cheery fires, forgiving grudges, decorating trees, and exchanging gifts.

Unfortunately, in some areas, these times of merriment are tarnished by the looming specter of Krampus, a terrifying creature that hunts those it considers to be acting against the spirit of the times. However, thanks to Krampus’s twisted morality, it sees selfishness and incivility everywhere it goes.

Krampus is a tall, goatlike humanoid with large horns and a long tongue that constantly lolls out of one side of its mouth or the other. Though its natural attacks are powerful enough to break bones, Krampus also carries a set of iron chains that it uses to thrash and grapple its foes.

The oversized bag it carries is often stained with the blood of its captured victims. Krampus stands 14 feet tall and weighs 1,000 pounds.

The origins of Krampus are shrouded in mystery, with stories of the creature seeming to stretch back hundreds or even thousands of years, if not more.

To the beleaguered regions under Krampus’s tyranny, the creature has simply always been around.

The most popular legend regarding Krampus’s beginnings starts with a handful of mountain towns under the protection of a circle of druids.

After several harsh winters that the townsfolk almost didn’t survive, they came to doubt the rituals that the druids believed appeased the local nature spirits. As the villagers grew more and more resentful, the druids took drastic action.

They attempted to create a central figure for the important winter rituals that would make people want to celebrate them. Under the light of a blue moon, one of the druids opened an imperfect portal to the primal realm of the fey and brought forth the essence of a spirit of revenge, and a new creature was born—Krampus.

For a while, Krampus was everything the druids wanted.

It brought together the villagers in revelry during the day and left small gifts of fruit for them in the night. However, unknown to the druids, the portal had been corrupted by the villagers’ hateful emotions and bitter resentment, which began to stain the creature’s soul. Krampus began punishing those who behaved selfishly during these lean times, first simply striking them with bundles of birch, but then escalating to using magic to transform them into the petulant children it saw them as. Eventually, it came to see everyone as wicked and terrorized the villages for weeks.

The remainder of the druidic circle managed to locate the creature as it slept and shackled it in cold iron chains, believing it still retained a part of its fey nature. They were wrong. When Krampus awoke, the creature tore free from its restraints and used those same chains to beat the druids to death. It then retreated into the snow-blanketed forest for the remainder of the season.

Krampus returned year after year, growing stronger and more hideous with each winter solstice and gaining a taste for humanoid flesh. Even its periodic “death” at the hands of heroes did nothing to stop this cycle. Fortunately, while it could ravage the countryside all year long, for some reason it chooses to limit its predations to the winter months. Where it goes the rest of the year, no one has been able to discover.

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