Neither quite bear nor bull nor serpent, this immense, six-legged creature is bound in chains and covered with scintillating red scales.

Thrasfyr CR 17

XP 102,400
CE Huge magical beast (fire)
Init +5; Senses darkvision 120 ft., low-light vision, see invisibility; Perception +28


AC 32, touch 9, flat-footed 31 (+1 Dex, +23 natural, –2 size)
hp 279 (18d10+180); regeneration 15 (acid or cold)
Fort +21, Ref +14, Will +15
DR 15/cold iron and slashing; Immune fire, sonic; Resist electricity 30; SR 28
Weaknesses vulnerable to cold


Speed 50 ft., climb 50 ft.
Melee 2 bites +26 (2d6+10), 4 claws +26 (1d8+10), gore +26 (2d6+10)
Space 15 ft.; Reach 15 ft.
Special Attacks breath weapon (80-foot cone, 20d8 fire damage, Reflex DC 29 half, usable once every 1d4 rounds), entangling chains, powerful charge (gore, 4d8+24)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 18th; concentration +23)

Constantair walk, see invisibility
1/daygreater teleport (self plus 50 lbs. of objects only, and only to a master’s side)


Str 30, Dex 13, Con 31, Int 5, Wis 24, Cha 20
Base Atk +18; CMB +30; CMD 41 (49 vs. trip)
Feats Critical Focus, Greater Vital Strike, Improved Initiative, Improved Vital Strike, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Power Attack, Staggering Critical, Vital Strike
Skills Climb +18, Perception +28; Racial Modifiers +8 Climb
Languages Aklo, Sylvan
SQ master’s bond, planar acclimation


Entangling Chains (Su)

A thrasfyr can control the six chains that hang from its body as if they were its own limbs. As a standard action, it can cause these chains to snake outward to a radius of 30 feet. All creatures in this area take 10d6 points of slashing damage and become entangled—a DC 20 Reflex save halves the damage and negates the entangled condition. An entangled creature can escape with a DC 20 Reflex save or a DC 30 Escape Artist check made as a full-round action. The chains can also be sundered (hardness 10, hp 20, Break DC 28). The thrasfyr creates these chains from its own body—destroyed chains regrow in 24 hours. The save DC is Dexterity-based.

Master’s Bond (Su)

A thrasfyr can form a bond with a willing creature by touching that creature. This allows the thrasfyr to communicate telepathically with the bonded creature with no range restriction (provided the thrasfyr and its master are on the same plane). Both thrasfyr and master can sense the other’s condition as if both were under the effect of a status spell. A thrasfyr can maintain a bond with only one master at a time.

Planar Acclimation (Ex)

A thrasfyr is always considered to be on its home plane, regardless of what plane it finds itself upon. It never gains the extraplanar subtype.


Environment any
Organization solitary
Treasure double

The legendary thrasfyr is a powerful monster created by godlike beings from the primal world of the fey. A thrasfyr without a master prefers to dwell in rugged hilly regions, where it spends most of its time slumbering and dreaming—it is said that all thrasfyrs dream of themselves as graceful and beautiful fey, for legends say that the first thrasfyrs were created from such creatures as a form of punishment.

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