Bhole CR 17

XP 102,400
CN Colossal magical beast
Init +3; Senses scent, tremorsense (360 ft.); Perception +28
Aura gloom (360 feet)


AC 33, touch 1, flat-footed 33 (–1 Dex, +32 natural, –8 size)
hp 290 (20d10+180)
Fort +21, Ref +13, Will +11; DR 10/—; Immune acid, fire, disease, magical control, paralysis, poison, sleep, stun; SR 28


Speed 50 ft., burrow 50 ft.
Melee bite +29 (6d6+25/19–20 plus grab), slam +29 (3d8+25/19–20)
Space 30 ft.; Reach 60 ft.
Special Attacks overwhelming strength, swallow whole (20d6 acid damage, AC 26, 29 hp), trample (DC 37)


Str 44, Dex 8, Con 28, Int 3, Wis 21, Cha 23
Base Atk +20; CMB +45 (+47 bull rush, +49 grapple); CMD 54 (56 vs. bull rush, can’t be tripped)
Feats Awesome Blow, Critical Focus, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Critical (bite), Improved Critical (slam), Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, Power Attack, Staggering Critical, Vital Strike
Skills Perception +28
Languages Aklo (rarely speaks)


Aura of Gloom (Su)

A bhole exudes a sort of “absence” that cancels out the effects of sight to all creatures within 360 feet. Within this area, all forms of vision (including darkvision and low-light vision) are obscured in a strange shadowy gloom, regardless of more powerful light of sources in the area. Creatures relying on vision function as if they are in dim light while in this area, and always treat the bhole itself as if it were in an area of darkness. As it is not technically a darkness effect, this aura cannot be countered via light effects, but creatures that are immune to vision-based attacks, as well as those under the effects of true seeing, can see through a bhole’s aura of gloom.

Immune to Magical Control (Ex)

A bhole is immune to nearly all forms of mind control, including charm monster, suggestion, and dominate monster spells. It is similarly immune to magic jar and possession attempts.

Confusion and other mind-affecting effects that don’t give another creature direct control over a bhole work normally. Rare effects that allow a creature to manipulate the exact effects of confusion on a creature provide one of the few ways to control a bhole by magic—essentially nudging it in the desired direction. Other methods, particularly those tied to strange and powerful artifacts, may work normally (GM’s discretion).

Overwhelming Strength (Ex)

A bhole always applies 1-1/2 times its Strength modifier to all natural weapon attacks.


Environment any underground (Dreamlands)
Organization solitary
Treasure none

Darkness obscures the source of a deep grinding sound. Something vast and vaguely worm-like moves in the gloom, wrenching the earth apart as it moves.

The vanishingly rare bholes are colossal worm-like entities with scraped rock-like hides and gaping mouths full of drill-like teeth. They only appear under conditions of absolute darkness, in which they cannot normally be seen, so typically the only way to become acquainted with their appearance is through the discovery of the occasional dead specimen or by touch—at which point it is often too late. They dwell in the Dreamlands, burrowing in the Vale of Pnath to eat the carrion and leavings therein. Bholes are mind-numbingly large: hundreds or even thousands of feet long, weighing as much as battleships.

Bholes are a different form of the unthinkable horrors known as dholes. When a mature dhole breeds, its larvae do not emerge in the material universe, but instead in the Vale of Pnath or another similar area in the Dreamlands. This larva is known as a bhole hatchling, which grows and develops under conditions of absolute darkness until it reaches full maturity.

The mature bhole, still in the Dreamlands, can then reproduce and deposit bhole hatchlings in the material universe, on appropriate planets, allowing bholes to move from world to world and continue the cycle.

Bholes exist in constant darkness. Even above ground, a bhole exudes a sort of “absence” which makes it very difficult to perceive it (see aura of gloom). As a result, no entity can actually see a bhole very well, deriving only basic impressions of a worm-like form and many teeth.

While bholes can wriggle along the earth, they typically submerge in seas of mud or slime and swim beneath the surface. They can also burrow through hardened soil at a great speed. They are immune to acid, poison, and heat or fire. Bholes are enormous and ravenous but not impulsive: they typically sniff out and investigate a creature before eating it. Their most common attack is to simply engulf the target. Through sheer size, they can easily crush or overwhelm almost any enemy.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos, © 2017, Petersen Games; Authors: Sandy Petersen, Arthur Petersen, Ian Starcher.

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